Join me as a try to feed my family lots of Raw and Superfood. I like to write about the edible garden, exercise, and learning to love my natural expression. I am a Family Practice Physician and believe there are alternatives approaches to feeling your best.


For a long time I hesitated taking any vitamins or supplements. I couldn't find any without dyes, artificial sweeteners, preservatives, etc...

I thought I could do it with good nutrition from food. But I found myself still defficient when I tested.  Now I am also interested in whole food based, raw vegan, sometimes sprouted, vitamins, supplements, and proteins( which may be more limiting or perhaps better depending on how well I am doing with variety). Everything I take, I offer to my kids.

I also know I can't get all the vitamins and minerals (and range of greens and sea vegetables, adaptogens and superfoods) from meals alone.

To keep it simple tonight, I am going to list a few places. This page may be a work in progress, but I can get you started in the right direction.

So this is a list of brands, supplements and vitamins that I can recommend.

Concentrated Greens and Superfoods
Vitamineralgreens at HealthForce Nutritionals or from me (see Bliss and Mole).
Field of Greens

Protein Supplements and Superfoods
Raw Vegan Sprouted Brown Rice protein at,
Tocos (see Bliss and mole)
Other raw vegan proteins: hemp, chia, flax, raw and soaked almonds, raw sunflower seeds, walnuts, cashews

Raw Vitamins -I got these locally at health food store.
The Vitamin Code
Garden of Life RAW

I order sproutable grains and other items from (a quarterly co-op).

Check back as I plan to update and add to this page.


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