Join me as a try to feed my family lots of Raw and Superfood. I like to write about the edible garden, exercise, and learning to love my natural expression. I am a Family Practice Physician and believe there are alternatives approaches to feeling your best.

*Bliss and Mole

After reading about Trish's experiences with chocolate bliss on her blog and researching it further at, I decided I wanted to try it and I ordered some from her.

Already convinced without a doubt, that raw is the way to go for optimal health, what appealed to me about Chocolate Bliss especially was the convenience of  raw ingredients and that my kids would like this.

I've been using Bliss since the end of May. I drink approx 2 cups a day.It's delicious! I didn't have to give up cocao and sweetness. I still drink 4 cups of green smoothie on most days. With a salad (a green smoothie, and the greens in my Bliss) that adds up to lots of raw greens per day. I have further learned that Bliss is very easy to make with any blender. Mixed, it stores well in the refrigerator, so it something I can leave for my kids on days I am away. 

It also travels well and I can take it with me to work or on over-nighters.  Chocolate Bliss disguises greens in powder form.  My kids are getting super greens (alfalfa, dandelion), blue-green algae, adaptogens and have no idea. Have you seen William, how he is trimming down?

Everyone I share it with in my home and office has enjoyed it. It's given me something to offer house guests that they will like ( I've never liked cooking.) and I know they will be better off for. 

With all the upcoming holidays and celebrations coming up at my house, I decided that Bliss and other Sunfire Superfoods will be available at my house at our holiday and special activities (and you'll get to try it.). I want to continue to teach people about Raw food. If your overweight, diabetic, on coumadin, have colitis, diverticulitis, food sensitivities, arthritis, head aches, etc, etc... we need to talk more. :) If you are pregnant or breastfeeding you can benefit from Raw foods and Superfoods.

My friends and patients ask me what vitamins, vegan proteins, and supplements I recommend. I(Coquelet & Punger Family Medicine) decided to partner with so we can provide you access to the products.

We are stocked as of January 2012, so feel free to come on by and pick-up.

We (C&P) will place an order for locals about every 4- 6 weeks, for those who are able to pick up at my office and can place an order ahead. For pick-up there is no additional shipping charge. You may email me. The first four ingredients is what I usually put in my bliss. I will usually try to order a little extra of these for the interim, but I won't keep large quantities of stock.

I've written about Fiesta Mole to make Tomato Soup. I sprinkle it on guacamole, and popcorn (not raw).

This is the most current list of items available. I have mentioned many of them on my blog as I have tried them. More Info. I have tried many of them listed up to and including the sea vegetables.

Chocolate Bliss | 50 | 1 lb. Chocolate Based Super Food Mix      Ingredient List
Rain Forest Rush | 30 | 8 oz. Botanical Based Super Food Mix     Ingredient List
Ultra Tocos | 20 | 8 oz. Tocotrienols
Vanilla Agave | 25 | 32 oz. Low Glycemic, Liquid Sweetener

Fiesta Mole | 50 | 1 lb. Tomato Based Super Food Mix                  Ingredient List

Bee Pollen | 100 | 5 lb. Raw Bee Pollen
Cacao Powder | 100 | 4 lb. Mayan Gold Powder
Hemp Seeds | 100 | 5 lb. Raw Hemp Seeds
Ultra Tocos | 100 | 3 lb. Ultra Tocos

Cacao Powder | 25 | 13 oz. Mayan Gold Powder

Hemp Seeds | 25 | 1 lb. Raw Hemp Seeds
Bee Pollen | 25 | 1 lb. Raw Bee Pollen
Chia Seeds | 10 | 1 lb. Pristine Black Chia Seeds

Coconut Oil | 15 | 16 oz. Coconut Oil
EFA Oil Blend | 13 | 8 oz. Olive, Flax, Sesame, Borage Combo
Olive Oil | 25 | 1 lt. Bariani Olive Oil

Plain Agave | 20 | 32 oz. Low Glycemic, Liquid Sweetener

Sun Fire Salt | 12 | 1 lb. Himalayan Pink/Bolivian Rose/Hawaiian Red/Chinese
MSM | 20 | 10 oz. Excipient Free, Pure MSM

Maca | 20 | 8 oz. Pristine, Wild-crafted, Unprocessed/Unconcentrated
Guarana | 20 | 7 oz. Pristine, Wild-crafted, Unprocessed/Unconcentrated
Yerba Matte | 15 | 5 oz. Pristine, Wild-crafted, Unprocessed/Unconcentrated
VitaMineral Green| 50 | 16 oz. Green Super Food
VitaMineral Green| 40 | 10 oz. Green Super Food
Greener Grasses | 26 | 10 oz. Green Super Food

Orange Oil | 15 | 15 ml. Orange Essential Oil

Dulse | 20 | 10 oz. Whole Purple Seaweed
Nori | 30 | 50 sh. Whole Sushi Seaweed
Seaweed Energy | 20 | 100 cap Kelp/Dulse Powder

Colon Cleanse | 60 | Intestinal Drawing Formula + Intestinal Movement Formula

D3 Serum | 11 | .5 fl oz. Liquid D-3
B Complex | 25 | 2 fl oz. Liquid B-12 Rich, B Complex,
C Complex | 25 | 90 cap Pure Radiance, Vitamin C Complex (2oz. Total)
C Complex | 30 | 4 oz. Pure Radiance, Vitamin C Complex (4oz. Total)

Vitalize | 25 | 100 cap Lymphatic Cleanser/Dissolver Ingredient List
Chem-Free | 30 | 100 cap Chemical Chelator/Detoxifier Ingredient List
Metal-Free | 30 | 100 cap Metal Chelator/Detoxifier Ingredient List
Allicidin | 26 | 60 cap Parasite Biofilm Dissolver (Garlic)
Oleuropein | 16 | 60 cap Parasite Killer (Olive Leaf)

Primal Digest | 60 | 90 cap Digestive Enzyme
Primal Digest | 120 | 270 cap Digestive Enzyme
Salivarius | 32 | 100 cap Probiotic

Primal AFA Green | 30 | 90 cap Blue Green Algae
Primal AFA Green | 100 | 250 g. Blue Green Algae

Primal AFA Blue | 40 | 75 cap Blue Green Algae Extract, 400mg
Primal AFA Blue | 60 | 50 g. Blue Green Algae Extract

I am not going to ship for now, but you may order from Trish if you need items shipped. She has gone to tremendous efforts to update her blog on how she uses Sunfire Super foods in her Raw Vegan diet.
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