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Monday, April 30, 2012

Spring Signature Style and Secondary

Well, it seems I have had no problem finding a Spring Signature style. ( As a result, I could flood you with tons of photos).

Every year as we come off of the winter months, I have always welcomed the idea of bright spring colors. I never pulled it off right. Often I just ended back in brown and black. Kind of depressing.

Thanks to Spring Trends which is Dressing Your Truths theme for April club night, I have been able to pull together outfits I feel confident in.

I have also realized my secondary energy which is type 2. Primary Type 2's define themselves as detailed, soft, and flowy.  So are their clothes. Primary 3's (me) are edgy, dynamic, and always ready to move into action (even without all the details.). My type 3 is based on my energy and physical features.  T2's tend to be lower in energy than 3's.  I finally realized my secondary is a 2 because of my sensitive nature. I am sensitive to what others need (2), it drives me into action(3). My 3/2 energy got me through school-- the desire to help others, especially moms and babies. I am also very sensitive to criticism. Likewise I am appreciative of kind words. I also realized although I have a lot of  motivation to go into action, I do not have as much energy, as Primary Type 1's or 3/1's who have A LOT of energy. I am drawn to the opposite of me 2/3's.

My spring style loves me incorporating a little 2.

My mom picked out the first top. When she saw me pair it with the capris, she asked if it was a coincidence that I had them or were they new. With DYT everything matches.I could switch pants shown in both outfits and wear them with the top in the other photo and have two more great looks. Did I mention, the potential to combine tops/bottoms and layers and accessories? I don't get stuck wearing "outfits". I can constantly create new looks because everything matches.

Being in Florida, I never really had seasonal clothes. I did put away my cords. It is really nice to have seasonal variety.

If you are thinking this is a program for doctors, it is not. (Most doctors need it though.)

If you are thinking you do not have the money, there is often sales on the program and many tips for spending at thrifts and doing it yourself. I am glad to finally get it right. I am glad to have clothes that I will enjoy wearing over and over. I am glad my clothes can easily transition from work clothes to weekend style.

If you think you have to wear "heavy" colors like me, you don't. That's the point to find your type and eventually your secondary. Type 1 colors make me look like a clown. But Type 1's like how youthful they feel in their colors. Type 2's colors make me feel bland, but look pretty and romantic on 2's. Type 4 colors are heavy on me, but look stunning on the right person.

If you think you have to wear wide belts and chains and big pendants, you will likely want to if your a 3. But your metal might be silver or shiny gold, light and airy, delicate, or bold. Trust me you will want to accessorize. In the upper photo, I learned how to wear a skinny belt. :)

You don't have to wear make-up. But now that I know most make-up on the market is in another types colors (and why it looked stupid on me), I can wear make-up naturally.

As you can see I am enjoying this program.


  1. Great post and you look amazing! I love seeing you bringing in your secondary a bit especially in the yellow top!
    As a 2/3 I am drawn to 3/2's.. imagine that!

  2. LOVE that outfit with the cardi and the yellow top. Great combination!


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