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Sunday, April 8, 2012

In Dressing Your Truth they call it "Signature Style"

I enjoyed looking over the recent post and photos on this blog. I am realizing how far I have come with Dress Your Truth. I used to have no idea what to wear. I stressed over finding special occasion clothes. Only to realize when I saw photos of me at the event, I look ridiculous. I bought this skirt to speak at a LLL meeting years ago. I paired it with a shimmery black neck top. Afterwards, when I saw photos of the event I was disgusted with how my new clothes really looked (of course, dark lighting, conference room, spontaneous photos... all to partly blame, right?). I saw then that black looked terrible on me. I spent hours in the dressing room and essentially I failed. It's easy to get overwhelmed with so many choices. I had no idea what to get. I settled on the skirt because it was October and it was fall colors and I figured that I can't go wrong with a black top.  And the deadline was approaching. I hated dressing rooms and wanted to be done.

I am glad someone took photos of the occasion. Way back, it was a part of my journey, even before I was consciously on it. I look back at some photos of me. Photos I like from before DYT, I happen to be wearing the right color, lucked out with a hair style, or caught myself at the right angle (but until now I had no idea what it was that worked in the photo). Taking photos is part of the DYT journey. I'll bet, that many people who think they are not photogenic, if they wore clothes that support there physical features, they would be photogenic.). It seems kind of conceited to take photos of "me" for my blog, but that's why I take the photos, so I can see what's working for me.

Paired with earthy browns and coral on top, a double breasted coat with the right textured, accessories the skirt from 4 years ago does me right. In Dress Your Truth Forums, they would say, "I found my signature style!"

As egocentric and materialist as it may seem to be concerned with fashion. It is a relief off of my mind that I no longer have to stress about what to wear. It's because I understand my inner energy that I know what my signature style is. An outwardly expression of who I am and not what a fashion designer wants me to be. I can show up to events confident. I can go on to more important things and not be held back by the dressing room. It is easy for me to know what to bi-pass in the store and focus on the edgy, angular, asymmetric substantial styles (and look put together) that support my body language and physical features. I repeat, support me and my physical features.

Since I have last posted my sister has joined this journey and we each have a really, really good friend that joined us in DYT. By understanding my sister and friends it is beneficial to us all in getting along and in teamwork. My friends look good in soft, flowy things. Styles that don't work well for me. My sister and I can fill a google shopping cart quickly with the right stuff and never step into a store.

Finding my signature style was tricky. Perhaps I'll share more photos. Now that it is going to be above 85 degrees for the next 6 months, my next challenge will be to adapt my signature style to hot-weathered clothes.


  1. Good for you, Denise! LOVE the outfit!! And I think it's great that you have found your signature style.

  2. Finding your signature style is a fun challenge, isn't it? I think you look great in your photo. Did you decide on your secondary type? I thought at one point you said it was a 1, and if so just remember to keep it light. Its so fun how we can constantly evolve in DYT and our own style even compared to others of the same type!
    My challenge now is finding clothes for this weather and in this new postpartum size! Last summer I was a 2 and now I'm a 10/12 again...can't wait to hit the gym in a few weeks again!

  3. You look great. I have no idea what my style is or what clothes look good on me. Right now still focusing on food journey.


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