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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Some More (Typical Boring Family) Cozumel and Cruise Photos

David with the Dragon.
William leaving Miami.
William looks more Mayan to me.
John leaving Port.
See the helicopter pad. David is sitting in the Captain's Bridge.
All decked out for Captains Night.
It is hard to get John to smile.
This is in Japan. No it's really Epcot. 
My family didn't want to be bothered with photos that day, so it's the only Epcot photo we took.
More, leaving the Port.
The turkey coop.
Finally a smile and some willingness.
You can walk out and have some quality Scuba from right here. No certification needed.
There was Hanukkah Candle Lighting in the Cruise Cinema. It was a very lovely service. 
 Self explanatory-David on a a Donkey.
 In our stateroom.
If you look closely the ship is in the background.

Ha ha. 

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  1. Your cruise looks like it was fabulous!! I think you all need to take more vacations!!! Seriously!! You both work so hard and deserve the time away with family!


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