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Saturday, December 10, 2011

The Purple DRESS before and after DYT

I LOVE Dressing MY Truth. I need a holiday dress and  "dresses" for an "occasion" is the one thing I do not like shopping for. I put some thought into how to redo this dress I wore 2 years ago. (the family photos are almost 2 years old.) The chains and pin are from the DYT store. This belt is from Nordstroms (Thank you to Rabbi Wendy for pointing me in this direction.). I have some other chains and belts to choose from, but I thought this might be a good example to show you some options of what I have in mind. I think it is Tricia who put a belt over her church dress and made me think to add a belt to this.

Let me clarify I won't need the paper clip to hold up the belt. Nor is my waist as small as I cinched the belt. :)

I don't know what shoes to wear. When I got the dress the clerk suggested silver wedges. Now I know that's not me AND would not work with these brassy accessories. I thought about some boots. Since I might be traveling, I don't know how much I want to pack. But boots would be so unlike me (and fun)! I found a pair of dressy but textured boots and tried to add the image below. I don't own them yet. Ya might just have to visit the link for the brown pair. Question for cold climate people. If your dress hem doesn't cover your boot. What do you wear? Tights? It will be air conditioned, but definitely not cold. The dress is just below my knees and I would really like to cover most of my legs in a formal setting.

My hair will not be blunt every again. It will be wild and free. And as I have plenty of earrings and cuffs (and even that big DYT ring) I am confident, that the rest of the accessories shouldn't be an issue for me.

If I get boots, it is likely that I won't need them very much in South Florida. I don't mind investing in one pair that is right for me. I want to travel more this coming year.

I think I am going to keep John in the brown jacket in the photo. He has a shirt the lightest shade of yellow(?) like on our type three 3 color card that should work for him underneath. It was very hard to type my husband. That's another story.

Boot link:

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  1. Yes, tights, if your dress hem doesn't cover your boots. I get my tights a couple of sizes too big because they don't sag and are SO much more comfy that way.

    GREAT picture re-do for your dress! Did you add a tank underneath? I wasn't sure.

    I have not wandered into purple yet. I actually have not warmed up to the cooler colors yet. Purple, blue, burgundy.

    I've been sticking to the oranges, reds, greens and browns, so far. Maybe when I have had my fill of them, I'll head for purple.

    Looks like a great color for you, though. Be sure to post pics of your look for the extravaganza!


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