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Monday, December 26, 2011


It has been 8 years since I have been outside of Florida (except to visit my sister once). We were fortunate to have the most coverage this year compared to previous years for the office for  family vacation. But also freed up from the boy's intense curriculum's: Black Belt testing, Bar Mitzvah training, speech therapy, reading catch-up. And even remodeling  is in the excuses for not travelling. We finally took a trip.

Day 1 - left Miami on the Celebrity Millennium,
Day 2 - Key West
Day 3 - Cozumel (see first photo)
Day 4 - At Sea (not just another Sunday!)
Day 5 - arrive at Miami and headed straight for Wholefoods to start detox, seriously. I went in and had a shot of wheat grass and coconut water. I brought some other greens and juicing and kefir  items home. Imagine, I am not hungry today at all ( after 4 days of stuffing myself). 

Then we got haircuts (only gone 4 nights and WE all had over grown hair- like pirates). Then I went to the gym. I felt limp. SERIOUSLY.... I only missed Friday's work out. But December was not a poor work out month with some kind of muscle spasm that bothered me earlier this month. I did Day 1, week 1 for squats, but did my Week 4 for bench and rows. 

The food was good on the ship. I ate way too much. You know cruises are known to over feed you? I did have huge green salads and fresh fruit. I am sure I ate more vegetables than anyone else on-board, but I ate about everything else, too. :) I liked the Indian food and the Asian stir fry.  I also liked the way the cut the fruit for the children's salad: small and appealing variety in the mix. 

In Cozumel, Scott and I each had a fresh chilled coconut cut open on the spot and we drank the milk. I am sure that coconut really helped balance my intake. Our tour guide told us how his wife makes everything from scratch. We got to taste a home made taco with a fresh sauce made from some seed that grows there. Can't remember the name. Our guide pointed out that his son's future wives probably will be more like American's and use the microwave instead of from scratch. He also pointed out many of the remedies for scorpion stings ( a salty leaf from the jungle neutralized the toxins). Some herb that neutralized bacteria in the water. However, our guide was very proud that all the water in Cozumel was purified (despite what we all say about water in Mexico).

For exercise: I missed Friday's work out, but we (Scott and me) did stand-up paddle board in the Keys through mangrove caves ( Are you jealous?). We were up standing and kneeling back and forth, up and down (reminded me of planks as in yoga). It was a good work-out. When we got back to the boat, Scott wanted to climb 11 decks. Paddleboarding-ok, stair climbing-not ok.

The 11th deck also had a track 3 laps= 5/8 of a mile. Besides stair climbing, I enjoyed walking scenic laps. I didn't use the gym on board. I like free weights. I couldn't justify a treadmill or elliptical over walking the deck. Doing A LOT of laying around is peaceful, relaxing, enjoyable... but promotes muscular atrophy.... quickly.

Scott was really impressed with the wild hens, roosters, and chickens in Key West. I had seen this before. I had a new appreciation for their free range. It was so cute seeing fluffy yellows follow their momma hen. These chickens weren't for eating or laying, but quite entertaining for tourists.

If I cruise again, I'd put more of my own food in my suit case. Even with food inclusive, it is always nice to have familiar. I figured 4 nights wasn't going to affect me much. If I go longer, I would definately want my protein powders. I will be wearing my fat-girl clothes this weak. I definitely need some detox.

William enjoyed the food and surprised us that he enjoyed the entertainment on board the most from it all.

David- I realized I never took him to a ball pit (you know those things at Mc Donalds and Chucky Cheese? He was so excited to play in one on the ship to go in.

What was John doing while I was paddle-boarding in Key West. He took a trolley ride. Yes, very strenuous.
In Cozumel while hanging out he ordered not one, but 3 servings of nachos.  (They were good, I admit.) Did you know you could scuba in Cozumel without certification. While sitting on the water front.... stuffing ourselves with nachos. An experienced diver, a teacher, and a newb went right in off the shore. Not more than 40 feet from the shore was the reef was shallow water scuba diving. If I had ANY idea how simple it was to scuba in this location, I would have been right there prepared.  I never thought about scuba before... who wants to take the time to get certified.... and I thought you had to go deep.  I didn't think it was for me.

Next year or soon again if I go back, I will look up scuba. I am not waiting 8 years for another trip.

One more thing... while sitting on deck. Everyone got excited about siting dolphins. I kayak in Fort Pierce side-by-side with dolphins. They are bigger than my kayak and can be intimidating. I looked over the 11th deck railing and looked way down. They looked like tiny fish to me. As if you were standing on the coast shore and seeing fish swim around your feet. I love the new perspectives. 


  1. I wouldn't post a really bad pic. :) I sort through the photos.

  2. Wow, sounds like a fun vacation!


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