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Wednesday, November 2, 2011


I've amped up my weight training. I've done 8 months of Strong Lifts. I feel like I've maxed out on SL and now I have switched to Madcow. Sometimes I may still call it Strong Lifts because it is just a progression.

I am training for the health benefits. I am training to keep moving. I am not in competition with anyone for looks or strengths. I just want to be healthy. I truly believe that it is necessary to keep moving. I don't believe that I am going to fall apart because I've reached any particular age.

I am so fortunate to have a variety of year round and seasonal exercise opportunities. I am enjoying yoga much more than I thought. I am fortunate to have started with a 30 minute class, then a beginner 50 min class, and very glad to have a power yoga opportunity.

I have an opportunity to learn some Pilates. I see the yoga and pilates benefiting each other and I see them both benefiting my weight lifting program and health. If you are not used to exercise, walking and/or yoga and Pilates and the pool depending on the season is a good place to start.

I am pretty focused in my Strong Lifts/Madcow program. I am bringing in a chart that I programmed to incrementally progress with my 1.25 pound plates.  It's can be a lot of mental work switching up the plates when you are using fractionated plates. I am want to really give the progression a good try to allow my body to safely adapt. I don't miss work outs. I like lifting with socks  (no shoes). I like to give the opportunity to my toes to grip the ground and strengthen along with my ankles. On the days I do Strong Lifts, I do a lot of stretching, some core, but I don't really mess with all the other machines. I suspect their is a lot of people judging me in the gym. Except the days when I am benching over 135. Then there is some awe if anyone cares. But I am not their to impress. I'd prefer a nearly empty gym and not be bothered with what others think when I am focused.  I think for my size I am just average, really. I tend to watch and re-watch the video's posted on the Strong Lifts site for form. I watch for updates and I am very careful in my technique and limitations.

The big difference between SL and MC is that on Wed. you deload. This way your body has time to recover from Monday's workout and ready for an increased load on Friday.

Madcow is a crazy name for a program.  But it sounds as serious about my health as I am. The name refers to my exercise plan. And  not my nutrition.  It's been years, 2 decades, since I've eaten beef.

My lactation intern, pointed out research that shows that bone density decreases during lactation, but rebounds after. I am taking advantage of that rebound!!

I am in my second week of Mad Cow. I am looking forward to more.

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  1. Wow, you are doing a great job!! I am interested in yoga (if I can get my hands on some yoga blocks), but at the moment, am only walking. And not enough of that yet!


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