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Monday, October 17, 2011

My Routine

Up to this point, I've tried to be informal, relaxed, and flexible about my routine. Now I have a schedule. I am too busy to keep track any other way. This is how I organize myself.

I divide my 24 hour day into quarters:
Night (Hopefully I am sleeping during this quarter and HOPEFULLY it extends a little in to the other quarters in one direction or another depending on the day.)

Monday and Tuesday- I am always at the office AM and afternoon seeing appointments & consults unless it's a National Holiday, Jury Duty, or fulfilling a requirement for CME or Licensure.

Monday Evening is karate night for the boys/stronglifts for me
Tuesday Evening is a little flexible for walking, making dinner, being with the kids.

Wednesday AM try to spend with the boys schooling. David has standing appt for speech therapy before I head to the office.
Wednesday Afternoon is for office consults.
Wednesday Evening is Karate/stronglifts.

So far in the week, this is not flexible. I do this schedule each week.

Thursday AM I like to prepare Raw Food. I mean I use to prepare raw food. ( I still drink smoothies, Chocolate Bliss and Juice on a regular basis especially on M and T when I don't stop for a lunch break.)

Friday is seasonal what hours AM or Afternoon or both I am seeing consults. This is coming upon the season that I will most likely be there both. David will probably giv eup his standing therapy appt on Friday.

Friday Evening karate/stronglifts or Family Service. If I can't work out in the early evening, I decide if I will on Saturday AM or Another time on Friday. I do  stronglifts 3x a week. Period.

If Scott wants help with Bio or Math I can do that Sunday evening, Wed AM, or Thursday AM.
If *I* need a dental, medical appt, haircut, I try to do that on Wed am or Thursday.
If the boys need a medical or dental appt or the dog needs the vet, I don't go to mine.
I like doing yoga on Thursday evenings. Something for me!
William wants to drive with his permit on Tuesdays and Thursday evenings (or anytime I can take him).
I like to do a longer cardio on Sat AM and or Sunday AM like walk, swim, paddle, or bike ride or a combination.
The boys like to exercise, too. Fortunately much of my routine can be family time.
On Saturday AM I would like to go to Farmer's Market.
Sometimes I would like to go to LLL on Saturday.
On the weekend our families would like us to come visit.
On Sunday David has Sunday school. Sometimes on Saturday we attend a religious activity.
On Saturday William wants to hang with the other teens or invite them over.
On Saturday Evening John want to eat out.
I answer patient related email, answering service calls, private messages, and forums, in between.

I wash dishes and do laundry. Sometimes I ignore it. I don't make beds.
I don't write on my blogs much. I don't take the time to take nice photos anymore.

I do weekly phone calls with the boys teachers and monitor and evaluate their activity.
I enjoy reading in my down time. haha. I like participating in some discussions on-line that are not medical.
I do my best fitting holidays, birthdays, and special days in.

I probably left out something important. But you get  the drift.
What's your schedule like?


  1. Are the boys all still homeschooled? It seems like you have multiple things scheduled everyday, glad you can exercise with the family to get to be able to still exercise.

    My schedule:
    wake up 9 am everyday / shower & dress / 20 min. time with God
    I go to bed aboput 12 every night
    Mon. 10-2 homeschool / 2-6 cleaning job
    Tues. 10-2 homeschool / 2-10 watch baby nephew / 3:15 Jason horesback riding / 3:15 standing family therapy appointment
    Wed. 10-2 homeschool / 2-10 watch baby nephew / 5:00-8:30 church children's program
    Thur. 10-2 homeschool / 2-10 watch baby nephew / no drive day
    Fri. 9-12 watch baby nephew / 10-12
    homeschool / 1:00-2:30 Jason writing class / 1:30 Josh guitar / 3-10 watch baby nephew again (he actually sleeps over Fri. nights)
    Sat. am-4:30 watch bay nephew / 5-10 work babysitting job outside my home
    Sun. 10:15-1:00 church / family day

    I have trouble fitting in me time, laundry time (folding laundry with a 1 year old is hillarious), cleaning (again very hard with a 1 year old.) Also have a hard time finding time to food shop.

    The only times I have nothing are Monday after 6 (after I cook dinner and clean up it is more like 8.) And Sunday atfter church, but I don't want to shop, or clean, or do homeschool on Sunday.

    -Becky R in NJ

  2. Tues. the family therapy is at 4:15

    -Becky R in NJ

  3. Becky,
    Yes, the boys are still homeschooled. The older ones have 3 Virtual school classes, black belts, participating in relgious activities, and physical activity, chickens and dogs.

    My advisory suggested (to save my sanity) to have David accountable to other people. He is enjoying Speech therapy and Sunday school,and karate. Some stuff he isn't enjoying.


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