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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

More Lifts and Truth Stuff

On Monday my Stronglifts workout was similar to Friday. A fellow SL member suggested I begin Madcow an intermediate weightlifting program following stronglifts. The big difference between SL and MC is light weights on Wednesday for recovery and ramping it up on Friday for heavier loads. Thus, I deloaded today. I concentrated on form... surprisingly I still feel like I had a really good work out. Can't wait til Friday....

I know I can lift heavy for a middle aged lady. Hitting personal records feels good. I really do want to focus on fitness, safety, and health. I don't care about big muscles. Which I don't have that body type anyway. I just have descent strength. I am happy that my sons are taking interest in toning, lifting, and kendo (karate).

During David's Sunday School class, one is offering a 5 week session on pilates. I've got that to help with my cross-training, and alignment,  and body awareness. And yay for power yoga! I am looking forward to the new power yoga. We'll find out if I am all talk or can step up to the plate and do some of the challenges! I got my own yoga mat. It's nice having a cheery new mat.

One day I am going to have a full length mirror for DYT photos. I actually feel a bit vain posting these photos. But now that I found what works, I want to remember it! And I want to share it because it feels great to stay healthy and have a way to show it. I picked this sweater out myself. I have on my favorite DYT earrings.  I think they are called Emerald City. My mom picked out the necklace before I took the course, I wasn't so sure now about the big circle in the center once I learned "no circles for 3's". With this shirt I did like how it layered and the circle half peaked out the V most of the day. The circle is busy and the perfect colors and the busy shirt. It felt like a good combo on me.

I am working on my veggie garden. I am having a hard time finding Kale plants locally for my garden. If anyone knows a local/regional source please let me know. I really want kale.


  1. I think we all have our hang-ups about posting photos of ourselves doing DYT the best we can. I am personally embarrassed about all my photos I've posted because I was still just doing the "playbook" version Type 3 and not quite to the point of just finding stuff that I liked that also fit the rules. Now I'm too pregnant and poor to invest in much of anything new so its kind of on hold some of the time. But I do the best I can.

  2. Trish, Every photo you've posted I love and I've been inspired by. I am looking forward to seeing some maternity photos from you. :)

  3. I love posting pics!! :)

    The only time I feel badly about it is when they don't quite turn out right. So go for it! By the way, I think that even though your pendant is round, the V of your neckline fixes it.

    But I would have thought your shirt was more cool than warm in color. Is that golden and rich enough for T3s? The blues always confuse me!

  4. I am daring on the blue! "Rabbi" gave her blessings to some Old Navy versions of blue and then someone posted 3 pictures of blues accepted by the DYT specialist for T3 on-site. I liked this shirt on me and it's a keeper for me. The "lighter" shade in it is definitely aqua. I happen to be wearing gold pants and a T3 belt.


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