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Friday, October 21, 2011

Good Work Out Day

Good Work out Day...

Rode Bikes with David in AM

Squats stretched first (and in between sets)
Bar 2x5
95   1x5   (with a 25 pound plates)
115 1x5   (35 pound plates)
125 1x5   (35 + 5)
135 1x5   (45 pound plates)
125 1x5
115 1x5
95   1x5

Bar 1x 10
95   1x5
115  1x5
125  1x5
135  1x2
125  1x5
115  1x5
95    1x5
Bar   1x10

70 pounds 5x5

(What happen to our SL facebook group?)

I've been doing yoga at the PSL Civic Center. I am really enjoying it. I have never done balance and flexibility work before. I like how it relaxes me. I like how it stretches out my tight muscles from weight lifting. I like how it improves my balance. For example in squatting, you are suppose to look up-- NOT-- in the mirror. In yoga there is a lot of balance work looking upward. It helps the squat. The weights aren't limiting my squat-- it's the balance. It amazes me also how standing on one leg "tree pose" requires more ankle strength than *I* have. So tree pose helps squat and squat helps tree pose. Yoga and weights compliment each other well. I got my own yoga mat, too. Yay!

Then I got dressed for Simcha Torah and David's consecration (welcome to school!) besides my body, I took care of my spirit and mind today. Good work out day.

Photo credit for William. It is so hard to get someone to snap a photo. Thank you William.
Okay, sometimes, I don't have time for someone to take a photo.

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