Join me as a try to feed my family lots of Raw and Superfood. I like to write about the edible garden, exercise, and learning to love my natural expression. I am a Family Practice Physician and believe there are alternatives approaches to feeling your best.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

More Lifts and Truth Stuff

On Monday my Stronglifts workout was similar to Friday. A fellow SL member suggested I begin Madcow an intermediate weightlifting program following stronglifts. The big difference between SL and MC is light weights on Wednesday for recovery and ramping it up on Friday for heavier loads. Thus, I deloaded today. I concentrated on form... surprisingly I still feel like I had a really good work out. Can't wait til Friday....

I know I can lift heavy for a middle aged lady. Hitting personal records feels good. I really do want to focus on fitness, safety, and health. I don't care about big muscles. Which I don't have that body type anyway. I just have descent strength. I am happy that my sons are taking interest in toning, lifting, and kendo (karate).

During David's Sunday School class, one is offering a 5 week session on pilates. I've got that to help with my cross-training, and alignment,  and body awareness. And yay for power yoga! I am looking forward to the new power yoga. We'll find out if I am all talk or can step up to the plate and do some of the challenges! I got my own yoga mat. It's nice having a cheery new mat.

One day I am going to have a full length mirror for DYT photos. I actually feel a bit vain posting these photos. But now that I found what works, I want to remember it! And I want to share it because it feels great to stay healthy and have a way to show it. I picked this sweater out myself. I have on my favorite DYT earrings.  I think they are called Emerald City. My mom picked out the necklace before I took the course, I wasn't so sure now about the big circle in the center once I learned "no circles for 3's". With this shirt I did like how it layered and the circle half peaked out the V most of the day. The circle is busy and the perfect colors and the busy shirt. It felt like a good combo on me.

I am working on my veggie garden. I am having a hard time finding Kale plants locally for my garden. If anyone knows a local/regional source please let me know. I really want kale.

Living Your Truth

The course said it would take about 9 months to really get it. I agree, after 8 months, I feel I really get the dress guide for me. It is so wonderful to have clothes I feel confident in. Everyday. Not just clothes to get by in and hope "no one will notice." I do not have to hang out in dressing rooms for hours anymore, either. First.... I know to avoid black, grey, navy, and pure white. When I eliminate those colors, it narrows down the choices. (Those colors may work well for others, but not me!)

Even with my color card I was very slow to catch on to the colors. A few things helped me. One-getting some accessories at the DYT store so I can match. This necklace (and in the previous blog post) and bracelet are from DYT. The pants I found myself at Marshall's. The second thing that helped me was the T3 forum on facebook for those who completed the course. Both shirts were posted by a DYT senior member and available from Sierra Trade Company store.  Both have lots of texture. The senior ladies can spot sales and coupons quickly. With someone else pointing out correct color I took a chance and ordered them! I love both shirts.

Dressing your truth is not just about outward, materialistic clothes and accessories (it is fun, though!).

It is about understanding yourself and energy. It is about gaining insight and getting along with other people and acceptance. It's learning what motivates me and what motivates others. I actually find that this kind of awareness is keeping me highly emotional. It's about understanding your children's patterns and bringing out their strengths. It's about understanding spouses... too... lots of psychology...

Since my metals are brass and copper (and leather or leather-like cord), I have no need for an accumulation of gold and silver. Not to say I won't find another gold chain, but, I know what works. I can invest in the RIGHT choices of clothing and accessories.)

DYT is not about what type can be sleazy or conservative. It honors a modest style, but if you are more daring, there are better and best ways to do so.

It is not about fat and skinny. It is a lot easier to find clothes that flatter when they are the right lines for me. I've seen heavier ladies (than me) wearing belts, tights, and boots. When it is the right lines for them it looks fantastic.

Here's a before photo. I have photos of me not trying to dress-up--hanging around with the boys and all. Butin  this photo I did try to pick great clothes for an occasion. I have on a sweater with a beautiful crocheted kowel neck and a great belt. A typical outfit... a black one. It's so easy to find black clothes. I was really surprised to see how my light hair popped when I first saw the photo and the style was all wrong, so unflattering. I am totally lost. Even if it worked for my when I was younger, it's not as easy to get away with "mistakes" as we get older. It is worth finding out if black works for you or are you lost (or inviting a hardened look).

Unlike me, my son, William, looks fantastic in black! It's not because of his dark skin. It's because of his defined features and poise (yes, William has poise!) I am so glad my family can benefit, too.

With my DYT style guide, you can see above that my hair color is warmer now and more natural. I stay on top of hair cuts, BUT barely take the time to style: free and wild on most days. My hair never held a style all day, so why fight it? I was almost scared to warm my hair up( in other words- do less to it), but looking at photos, it is obvious to me that I did the right thing. The stylist said, it will last longer than what I was doing before. Score. And I finally picked out new glasses yesterday. I have always hated getting new frames, but I knew what to specifically look for in terms of color, angles, movement and I am excited to get new eyewear. I will not get lasik and I am not comfortable in contacts. I am glad to have frames that will hold (nothing against contacts, but I am wishy-washy about lasik and letting anyone invade my own eyes).

While I love having great clothes, this is about living your truth. Acceptance of others and mostly yourself. Acceptance of my own physical attributes and inner energy. With many great parts to this program what FINALLY convinced me... is Carol the founder wants women to accept their features. She knows what colors, metals, textures, design lines supports MY features. Since I have a fear of general anesthesia, plastic surgeons, and botox (AND Dentists), etc... I would like this "superficial, materialistic" course to help support me instead of me impulsively supporting the plastic surgeon (medically necessary and well, WELL thought out options are the exceptions). This DYT course is one I am glad I invested in.

I work hard at the gym. I put effort into making good food choices. I try to stay emotionally and spiritually healthy. DYT is the finishing touches.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Good Work Out Day

Good Work out Day...

Rode Bikes with David in AM

Squats stretched first (and in between sets)
Bar 2x5
95   1x5   (with a 25 pound plates)
115 1x5   (35 pound plates)
125 1x5   (35 + 5)
135 1x5   (45 pound plates)
125 1x5
115 1x5
95   1x5

Bar 1x 10
95   1x5
115  1x5
125  1x5
135  1x2
125  1x5
115  1x5
95    1x5
Bar   1x10

70 pounds 5x5

(What happen to our SL facebook group?)

I've been doing yoga at the PSL Civic Center. I am really enjoying it. I have never done balance and flexibility work before. I like how it relaxes me. I like how it stretches out my tight muscles from weight lifting. I like how it improves my balance. For example in squatting, you are suppose to look up-- NOT-- in the mirror. In yoga there is a lot of balance work looking upward. It helps the squat. The weights aren't limiting my squat-- it's the balance. It amazes me also how standing on one leg "tree pose" requires more ankle strength than *I* have. So tree pose helps squat and squat helps tree pose. Yoga and weights compliment each other well. I got my own yoga mat, too. Yay!

Then I got dressed for Simcha Torah and David's consecration (welcome to school!) besides my body, I took care of my spirit and mind today. Good work out day.

Photo credit for William. It is so hard to get someone to snap a photo. Thank you William.
Okay, sometimes, I don't have time for someone to take a photo.

Monday, October 17, 2011

My Routine

Up to this point, I've tried to be informal, relaxed, and flexible about my routine. Now I have a schedule. I am too busy to keep track any other way. This is how I organize myself.

I divide my 24 hour day into quarters:
Night (Hopefully I am sleeping during this quarter and HOPEFULLY it extends a little in to the other quarters in one direction or another depending on the day.)

Monday and Tuesday- I am always at the office AM and afternoon seeing appointments & consults unless it's a National Holiday, Jury Duty, or fulfilling a requirement for CME or Licensure.

Monday Evening is karate night for the boys/stronglifts for me
Tuesday Evening is a little flexible for walking, making dinner, being with the kids.

Wednesday AM try to spend with the boys schooling. David has standing appt for speech therapy before I head to the office.
Wednesday Afternoon is for office consults.
Wednesday Evening is Karate/stronglifts.

So far in the week, this is not flexible. I do this schedule each week.

Thursday AM I like to prepare Raw Food. I mean I use to prepare raw food. ( I still drink smoothies, Chocolate Bliss and Juice on a regular basis especially on M and T when I don't stop for a lunch break.)

Friday is seasonal what hours AM or Afternoon or both I am seeing consults. This is coming upon the season that I will most likely be there both. David will probably giv eup his standing therapy appt on Friday.

Friday Evening karate/stronglifts or Family Service. If I can't work out in the early evening, I decide if I will on Saturday AM or Another time on Friday. I do  stronglifts 3x a week. Period.

If Scott wants help with Bio or Math I can do that Sunday evening, Wed AM, or Thursday AM.
If *I* need a dental, medical appt, haircut, I try to do that on Wed am or Thursday.
If the boys need a medical or dental appt or the dog needs the vet, I don't go to mine.
I like doing yoga on Thursday evenings. Something for me!
William wants to drive with his permit on Tuesdays and Thursday evenings (or anytime I can take him).
I like to do a longer cardio on Sat AM and or Sunday AM like walk, swim, paddle, or bike ride or a combination.
The boys like to exercise, too. Fortunately much of my routine can be family time.
On Saturday AM I would like to go to Farmer's Market.
Sometimes I would like to go to LLL on Saturday.
On the weekend our families would like us to come visit.
On Sunday David has Sunday school. Sometimes on Saturday we attend a religious activity.
On Saturday William wants to hang with the other teens or invite them over.
On Saturday Evening John want to eat out.
I answer patient related email, answering service calls, private messages, and forums, in between.

I wash dishes and do laundry. Sometimes I ignore it. I don't make beds.
I don't write on my blogs much. I don't take the time to take nice photos anymore.

I do weekly phone calls with the boys teachers and monitor and evaluate their activity.
I enjoy reading in my down time. haha. I like participating in some discussions on-line that are not medical.
I do my best fitting holidays, birthdays, and special days in.

I probably left out something important. But you get  the drift.
What's your schedule like?
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