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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Where did I Go?

Program Updates:

Stronglifts: Still doing it three times a week. It's been about 24 weeks. I haven't tried to increase my weight load since my back spasm (not too much).  I am holding my own. No further injuries. This week, I want to start the intermediate. You squat, bench and row on M and F. Squat, OP and DL on Wed. only. I may not be Mrs. World Body Builder Champion, but at least I am strong and physically healthy. I feel fit and able to keep up with other activities in my life. I've added yoga to my routine twice a month. I like to walk, swim and paddle.

Dress Your Truth: Slowly building my wardrobe and accessories. John would say I shop all the time (but I don't). I like the green shirt and the texture. I may not always have the perfect shade and all the elements, but I know to stay away from black, white, and gray. When something looks wrong on me, I know why it looks wrong. I can decide if there is no hope or is there a way to modify it with an accessory, or will the clothes I pair it up with help it out. My sister likes when I send her photos from my bberry. Because of her, you get to enjoy some blurry dress-up photos. Now that I am dressed, I need places to go. DYT may deserve a post on it's on in the near future. If you look at previous posts, yo ucan see lots of mistakes, I've mad on the way. There was a conference in UTAH this weekend that sounds like it was so much fun. I am sure I will get pretty psyched from watching and reading what the attendees share. I've enjoyed "shopping" with my sister on-line. She and I go to different store websites and help each other find each others types. She's a 2 and that's good. I think John, William, and Scott are 2's. My sister is living her truth. my boys are not. Not only am I drowning in testosterone, I have to wait for everyone. (two's take their time). A 2 living their truth is a good balance for me because they think through the details. I want it done now. The boys are just slow. I think David is 1 because he has all the motor energy and it has to be fun. Quite honestly, I am still not 100 % sure what the boys are. But that my have something to do with not living their  truth.

Raw and Nutritious Eating: I just did about a 3week cleanse. It helped me a lot to feel better. I enjoyed smoothies, juicing and bliss. I have been busy and focused on so many family things I haven't taken the time to write out much about the specifics. I made a delicious batch of hummus this morning.  For the first time in a long time I am not affiliated with any organic produce co-op. I need a break from picking-up. My kids are not interested in anything healthy right now. Nor is John (I am alone in a house of men), but he has trimmed the most. I don't get it.


  1. Hey Denise! I just have to say that I feel the same way when I get all dressed up! I think...well now where am I gonna go? I'd better do something and make the most of it!

    The event was pretty fun! I'll have to write a blog post about it soon, once I've unpacked and relaxed a bit. We drove all the way from Texas to Utah and back! Crazy!

  2. Denise, You look amazing!!!! You are a great example to your house full of Men! ;)


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