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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Questions from SL Readers...

I posted this Question to Strong Lifts forum...
After 25 weeks on SL I do not like that I can't fit in my pants ( I promise you it's not from muscle! Never had a 6 pack and no chance of one soon.). I was strong from benching and machines for a year before I started SL and leaner (as lean as I possible for me in my adult years). I thought this would be an ultimate program for me, enjoying a simple (but challenging) routine and do-able in three sessions ins per week and FINALLY firming up. To do SL with max effort, you have to eat. But I gain weight. The good news is I don't have aches and pains that creep up at 45 yo. I like the principles of SL and the combination moves. I don't like how I look chubbier.  I have given it everything I have gotten. Is it time for me to move on?

These are some Q's they asked me for more info...

What do you do for Cardio? 
As far as cardio and variety (besides Strong Lifts).  Over the past 12 weeks, I have swam in pool and ocean, bike &spin, kayak, row, walk, scooter, jump rope, paddle board, yoga. Sometimes more intense and sometimes more recreational with my boys.

What is a typical daily menu?
Maintaining weight has never come easy, but I was successful for about three years before SL. A comfortable daily diet for me is a green smoothie ( A large vegan salad with nuts and sprouts. Thai peanut dressing is my favorite (SPLURGE) dressing (please don't ruin it for me and tell me what the ingredients are!!!). I could maintain my weight with nut mylks like hemp and almond milk sometimes adding raw carob and cacao, bananas and other superfoods and/or, essence oils to it. This nut mylk treat curbs my appetite for processed sweets and carbs. And dinner which is my more flexible meal. I definitely was not prepared for Strong Lifts to increase my appetite the way it did. I ate a lot more. I did see gains in my strength at the gym. I am going to try to maintain with less weight on the bar and go back to this daily eating pattern. 

What are your Sources of Protein? 
This is a question that comes often.

Nuts: ( I get them raw and prepare them my way) almonds, cashew, sesame, coconut, walnuts, pecans, sunflower, and others, hemp, and flax.

Beans: Lentils are my favorite because I don't have to soak them. I have dehydrated refried beans. Split peas that don't have to be soaked. I soak my garbanzo beans and make hummus. I like when my MIL soaks the black beans and 15 bean soup... I just don't always get to it.

Avocado is a good source of protein as is spinach and kale... and quinoa.

Some of my grains are sprouted: barley, rice, lentils, sunflower seeds and almonds making them extra nutritious with live enzymes.

Milk: I don't drink cows milk anymore. Almost all the nuts I listed can be used to make "mylk" and protein shakes and smoothies.

I am not an exclusive vegan (and I don't insist anyone else has to be). I sparingly eat some chicken, turkey, fish, local eggs (soon to have my own chicken eggs). I can't always resist my mother and MIL's cooking, so I am not so strict around them. Fortunately they want to make healthy meals. I want my husband to compromise at home. So I am going to plan a seafood dinnner or other special meal out with him at least once a month.

(readers--> can you think of other protein sources I left out?)

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Where did I Go?

Program Updates:

Stronglifts: Still doing it three times a week. It's been about 24 weeks. I haven't tried to increase my weight load since my back spasm (not too much).  I am holding my own. No further injuries. This week, I want to start the intermediate. You squat, bench and row on M and F. Squat, OP and DL on Wed. only. I may not be Mrs. World Body Builder Champion, but at least I am strong and physically healthy. I feel fit and able to keep up with other activities in my life. I've added yoga to my routine twice a month. I like to walk, swim and paddle.

Dress Your Truth: Slowly building my wardrobe and accessories. John would say I shop all the time (but I don't). I like the green shirt and the texture. I may not always have the perfect shade and all the elements, but I know to stay away from black, white, and gray. When something looks wrong on me, I know why it looks wrong. I can decide if there is no hope or is there a way to modify it with an accessory, or will the clothes I pair it up with help it out. My sister likes when I send her photos from my bberry. Because of her, you get to enjoy some blurry dress-up photos. Now that I am dressed, I need places to go. DYT may deserve a post on it's on in the near future. If you look at previous posts, yo ucan see lots of mistakes, I've mad on the way. There was a conference in UTAH this weekend that sounds like it was so much fun. I am sure I will get pretty psyched from watching and reading what the attendees share. I've enjoyed "shopping" with my sister on-line. She and I go to different store websites and help each other find each others types. She's a 2 and that's good. I think John, William, and Scott are 2's. My sister is living her truth. my boys are not. Not only am I drowning in testosterone, I have to wait for everyone. (two's take their time). A 2 living their truth is a good balance for me because they think through the details. I want it done now. The boys are just slow. I think David is 1 because he has all the motor energy and it has to be fun. Quite honestly, I am still not 100 % sure what the boys are. But that my have something to do with not living their  truth.

Raw and Nutritious Eating: I just did about a 3week cleanse. It helped me a lot to feel better. I enjoyed smoothies, juicing and bliss. I have been busy and focused on so many family things I haven't taken the time to write out much about the specifics. I made a delicious batch of hummus this morning.  For the first time in a long time I am not affiliated with any organic produce co-op. I need a break from picking-up. My kids are not interested in anything healthy right now. Nor is John (I am alone in a house of men), but he has trimmed the most. I don't get it.

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