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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Surf Report: Life Guard Rescue!!!

I finally learned how to get out into the wild waves. Please understand, I have never been one to really put my face underwater in a pool. I doggie-paddle on top of the water when I do laps. I didn't want to miss the fun at camp. so I went for it and dived under the waves until I could get to where they weren't smashing and crashing.

I liked it and I wasn't stressed or anything.

Then I saw the life guard driving his jeep towards me and coming after me. I really wasn't drowning or anything, but heck, if a lifeguard is going to come get you... all the more fun!

I am sure I was a sight. An oldish lady in an old lady suit swimming, err, drifting doggie-paddle style southwards.

John's version says I was only in 2 feet of water. He can't believe I conned a lifeguard to get me in s hallow water.

David said it would be better if his jeep was a John Deere.

William thinks its the funniest thing ever. At least William laughed at something today.

Really it wasn't a big deal. Really. Just tell me which beaches the life guards are at! :)

I'll tell you another short surf story...

John looks like a big kahuna, but the truth is, he's just a big tuna.

Okay-really, the waves were big. Most kids were too little to go out on boards. Scott went out. If he could handle these waves, I have no doubt he will have a blast in reasonable waves. David was so brave body surfing. He lasted the whole time in the water the kids were out.

No more back pain or spasms today. The beach is the best therapy.


  1. Love that story! and the good news is that the lifeguard is paying attention if you or anyone else REALLY needs them!
    Keep having fun!

  2. YES! The lifeguards have been on the ball. It made me feel good. We've spent so much time on the beach, I feel good seeing how well equip they are too handle beach first aid.


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