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Monday, July 18, 2011

Surf Report, Back Spasm, Chicken Little

Surf Conditions Day 1--- Red Flag-- the waves were big. Three instructors took David out. He had NO Fear and rode in. After that lifeguards didn't want the campers out on the boards. All the campers had fun  in the rough waves (even without boards). Except William. "Sleeping beauty" slept under the umbrella the whole time. It must have been a good night on xbox that kept him awake all night.  Back to the surf-- I noticed the campers got braver and braver. They went out deeper and seemed to get stronger.

Even me. I never go out in rough conditions. I liked the safety in numbers today. I took off my glasses and my hat. I left my bberry behind and I LOVED being tossed around by the big waves. Interesting... my back was still achy all weekend, but not in the salt water and not when I was being tossed around. Do you think I missed my calling? Maybe I was really meant to be a surfer and never knew it. Scott was watching the experienced surfers doing their thing and he can't wait till he has enough practice to be one of them. On the beach I always sat around envious of those who looked comfortable on surf boards and I may or may not master surf boarding, but I sure hope my sons can get comfortable on the board as youngsters. I mean we live in Florida, they should enjoy the water.  Not to mention they are good looking and dark skinned. The surf is the place for them to be!

My back spasmed all weekend. I went for a long walk with my SIL this weekend despite the pain. I wasn't sure if I was going to attempt stronglifts tonight after a day in the water (and with pain). I decided to do a light workout. By light, I mean a squatted 95 pounds 3x5, bench 105 5x5 and a few light rows. Bench doesn't seem to bother my back. AT ALL. I have stuck with this routine instead of the OP and DL b/c I have a haunch its the OP that started the spasm. Now that I worked out tonight my back feels ok. Better than it did this afternoon.  Over the weekend I used heating pads, over the counters and prescription muscle relaxers and prescription voltaren gel. I thought about massage and therapy, but I had so many other dental, speech therapy and other evaluations already scheduled, I couldn't fit one more thing in.

While on the topic of back pain... let's talk about about weight lifting belt. I have not used one. While I am doing weights that I can do so many reps with(5x5 or 3 x5), I think its a false sense of security. A belt pinches my abdominal fat and interferes with good technique; and floats around on your back where you want support the most. Now perhaps when I lift heavier and can only do one rep sets, I may feel different about a belt. For now, I may as well strengthen my core as I do not go around the day wearing a back brace for everything I do. I want to concentrate on technique.

My BIL took the photo of Scott this weekend with his pets.

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  1. Camp seems wonderful and fun, nice to get in the water and feel comfortable with the waves. I am sure you were relaxed and having fun, and that helped your back.
    Glad to read this post and get updated!


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