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Saturday, July 23, 2011


Wednesday: The kids had big waves. William got on a board. FINALLY. It was still rough, but we enjoyed the third day.

Thursday and Friday: Much calmer water. I am hoping that the instructors post a video somewhere that I could hook up to my post. David stands up like it's nothing. Scott is pretty good. He'd be even better in wilder conditions (needs the momentum). William needed more forceful waves to get more benefit.

Medical tip:  :) David learned the best sunscreen is zinc oxide. Yep, diaper rash lotion. Surfers are often seen with white cream over their cheekbones and nose. You can recognize David as one of them now. He liked looking like a clown and it doesn't wash off easy. Seriously coming from a doctor, I like this simple tip. I've always liked mineral based sunscreens with Zinc (or titanium). Why not just use cheap old fashioned zinc oxide?

This family needed a rest at the beach badly; In more ways than one. I am glad the kids are comfortable in the water. We have never spent this much time together in a restful spot UNPLUGGED. I even left my bberry in the car every morning. John still went to the hospital in the afternoon. But having him with us in the morning was great. I did get on a surf board--laying belly down. I don't think I am likely to ever stand on one, but I am glad my kids can. Some parents are proud to have football and baseball players (and those are worthy sports). Being in Florida, I am so glad to give the boys this opportunity, for now I am content with a noodle or boogie board in the waves. My body feels strong for being in the water swimming so much this week. Oh- I would love my kids to learn skim, too.

I hated to see the last day end. That is David over the wave. I have always loved to watch groups of surfers. Here is my sob story... My grandma would take me to the beach in South Florida when I was a teen. I was with my grandma, as much as I love being with her, I was not amongst the cool surfers. I was always jealous of wanting to hang out out waiting for the perfect wave.

 But there was "bonus day" this week. That's what I am calling it. The surf shop had a FREE stand-up paddle demo on Saturday morning at the Stuart Causeway that just happened to be the day after camp.  I liked this. In fact I LOVED this. Kayakers should consider graduating to this for a full body work-out. I heard it was an upper body workout, but I felt the balancing act in my ankles. Yes, that goofy looking person is me in the upper photo. I make this look like a blast, don't I? I will leave the self-critique out of this post. It looks like swimming all week increased my appetite, doesn't it? Trust me, this sport  is worth trying. there were retired people out there, too. I might like a stand-up board for the ocean while my kids surf. Yes, there is hope for me to do something KOOL.

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