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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Stronglifts Update (20 weeks)/Battle of the Buldge

It's been over a month since I updated my workout progress with stronglifts.
This is also the first time since I've been doing weight management with sugar-free/low sugar/raw that I have struggled with my weight.

I'd like my weight back that I was the first day I started strong lifts(sl). I am stuffing myself into my clothes.

I put everything into my SL workouts. I leave the gym exhausted, tired, and hungry. I found it was taking the full 48 hours to recover and I usually didn't feel fully recovered from squats by the next workout.  As I understood it, beginners were encouraged to put other high intensity exercises on hold, not to get distracted from sl. I also understood that many of the men in sl "complain" of their waist lines thickening as their abds and back muscles strengthen (that is why at first I just went with it). I tried to do the carbs before the workout and protein after. I understood that it is hard to gain muscle without gaining fat in the beginning, but the weight loss//toning will come according to the forums.

I don't feel on track.

My max workouts posted here.
Then I got the back spasm and lowered the intensity of my work out. I didn't miss but one workout.
The only workout I missed in the 5 months is the Friday before paddleboarding. That was exercise enough.

I haven't made gains much from lowering my weights when I got the back spasm, so I am
squatting and benching about 100, 5x5.
I am deadlifting 135, 2x5,
Overheadpress 45, 5x5,
Row whatever I have left in me, 5x5.
((Really, I am just average...)

Fortunately the spasms went away quickly with heating pad, muscle relaxer, and anti inflammatory. I have no pain left.

I'll tell you what I think put my back into spasm.
Curving my back on an Overhead press that was really beyond my limit. Then the deadlift. The next day I did yoga (not blaming yoga). I was still fine. Just felt like I needed to keep stretching and recovering. Then the next day more strong lifts, but the opposite routine, then the next day I did yoga again. Stretching our backs, I realized this "need to stretch" wasn't going away.

I realize my core is strong. I've never been a model, but I am back to being too meaty.

Just a few weeks ago I took my son David to the outlet, tried on clothes, and was pretty happy with my options and the way things looked. I am not sure when I really decided I was not liking my progress. We had company, my blender broke, we've had speech therapy, evaluations, dental and a zillion appts. I have not spent the time preparing veggies and soaking nuts and immaculate food preparation as I have been running around keeping up with everything else. It all adds up QUICKLY.

Stronglifts is a great work out. I don't really see myself going back to a circuit work out. I like that its completed in 3 days. I don't know that I will max out over the next few weeks. I need the reserve for cardio. I don't need to be sore all the time. In the past week, I've been very strong on a raw/detox diet because I am not accepting weight increase well. I don't know that I can make gains lifting weights with a reduced carb/protein intake. We will see.  will let you know...

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