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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Muscle Spasm..........

Without a problem...
I could deadlift 185 5 times...
Next workout 190 5 times...
Next time 195 5 times...
Next time 200 5 times... I felt like my form suffered, but I did it
Next time 205... I could not budge the weight off the floor even once.
I removed 5 pounds. No luck. I removed 5 more pounds. Still no luck getting it off the ground.

I went to yoga the next day to stretch out.
Did stronglifts the next day.
Did more yoga the day after.
My back is in spasm. I don't recall exactly which day it started. But its getting better. I won't miss a stronglifts work out, but I have done a major deload.

Not sure which exact move triggered it or if it's a combinatination of all. Probably a little of all. I swim and do activities with my boys and I never stop and have tons of stress right now.

There you have it. I am human too.


  1. When we look at the core this way, it is actually now clear to see that we must include many far more muscle groups than just performing abs exercise.

  2. Im guessing its when you did the 200 5 times and your form was not perfect. Then, trying heavier weight the next time just made it worse. Thats EXACTLY what happened to me! And right now it hurts the worst ever! it's taking for ever to heal. But on the bright side, I'm building my pain tolerance :). Hope yours heals quickly!


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