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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Stronglifts Update (20 weeks)/Battle of the Buldge

It's been over a month since I updated my workout progress with stronglifts.
This is also the first time since I've been doing weight management with sugar-free/low sugar/raw that I have struggled with my weight.

I'd like my weight back that I was the first day I started strong lifts(sl). I am stuffing myself into my clothes.

I put everything into my SL workouts. I leave the gym exhausted, tired, and hungry. I found it was taking the full 48 hours to recover and I usually didn't feel fully recovered from squats by the next workout.  As I understood it, beginners were encouraged to put other high intensity exercises on hold, not to get distracted from sl. I also understood that many of the men in sl "complain" of their waist lines thickening as their abds and back muscles strengthen (that is why at first I just went with it). I tried to do the carbs before the workout and protein after. I understood that it is hard to gain muscle without gaining fat in the beginning, but the weight loss//toning will come according to the forums.

I don't feel on track.

My max workouts posted here.
Then I got the back spasm and lowered the intensity of my work out. I didn't miss but one workout.
The only workout I missed in the 5 months is the Friday before paddleboarding. That was exercise enough.

I haven't made gains much from lowering my weights when I got the back spasm, so I am
squatting and benching about 100, 5x5.
I am deadlifting 135, 2x5,
Overheadpress 45, 5x5,
Row whatever I have left in me, 5x5.
((Really, I am just average...)

Fortunately the spasms went away quickly with heating pad, muscle relaxer, and anti inflammatory. I have no pain left.

I'll tell you what I think put my back into spasm.
Curving my back on an Overhead press that was really beyond my limit. Then the deadlift. The next day I did yoga (not blaming yoga). I was still fine. Just felt like I needed to keep stretching and recovering. Then the next day more strong lifts, but the opposite routine, then the next day I did yoga again. Stretching our backs, I realized this "need to stretch" wasn't going away.

I realize my core is strong. I've never been a model, but I am back to being too meaty.

Just a few weeks ago I took my son David to the outlet, tried on clothes, and was pretty happy with my options and the way things looked. I am not sure when I really decided I was not liking my progress. We had company, my blender broke, we've had speech therapy, evaluations, dental and a zillion appts. I have not spent the time preparing veggies and soaking nuts and immaculate food preparation as I have been running around keeping up with everything else. It all adds up QUICKLY.

Stronglifts is a great work out. I don't really see myself going back to a circuit work out. I like that its completed in 3 days. I don't know that I will max out over the next few weeks. I need the reserve for cardio. I don't need to be sore all the time. In the past week, I've been very strong on a raw/detox diet because I am not accepting weight increase well. I don't know that I can make gains lifting weights with a reduced carb/protein intake. We will see.  will let you know...

Saturday, July 23, 2011


Wednesday: The kids had big waves. William got on a board. FINALLY. It was still rough, but we enjoyed the third day.

Thursday and Friday: Much calmer water. I am hoping that the instructors post a video somewhere that I could hook up to my post. David stands up like it's nothing. Scott is pretty good. He'd be even better in wilder conditions (needs the momentum). William needed more forceful waves to get more benefit.

Medical tip:  :) David learned the best sunscreen is zinc oxide. Yep, diaper rash lotion. Surfers are often seen with white cream over their cheekbones and nose. You can recognize David as one of them now. He liked looking like a clown and it doesn't wash off easy. Seriously coming from a doctor, I like this simple tip. I've always liked mineral based sunscreens with Zinc (or titanium). Why not just use cheap old fashioned zinc oxide?

This family needed a rest at the beach badly; In more ways than one. I am glad the kids are comfortable in the water. We have never spent this much time together in a restful spot UNPLUGGED. I even left my bberry in the car every morning. John still went to the hospital in the afternoon. But having him with us in the morning was great. I did get on a surf board--laying belly down. I don't think I am likely to ever stand on one, but I am glad my kids can. Some parents are proud to have football and baseball players (and those are worthy sports). Being in Florida, I am so glad to give the boys this opportunity, for now I am content with a noodle or boogie board in the waves. My body feels strong for being in the water swimming so much this week. Oh- I would love my kids to learn skim, too.

I hated to see the last day end. That is David over the wave. I have always loved to watch groups of surfers. Here is my sob story... My grandma would take me to the beach in South Florida when I was a teen. I was with my grandma, as much as I love being with her, I was not amongst the cool surfers. I was always jealous of wanting to hang out out waiting for the perfect wave.

 But there was "bonus day" this week. That's what I am calling it. The surf shop had a FREE stand-up paddle demo on Saturday morning at the Stuart Causeway that just happened to be the day after camp.  I liked this. In fact I LOVED this. Kayakers should consider graduating to this for a full body work-out. I heard it was an upper body workout, but I felt the balancing act in my ankles. Yes, that goofy looking person is me in the upper photo. I make this look like a blast, don't I? I will leave the self-critique out of this post. It looks like swimming all week increased my appetite, doesn't it? Trust me, this sport  is worth trying. there were retired people out there, too. I might like a stand-up board for the ocean while my kids surf. Yes, there is hope for me to do something KOOL.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Surf Report: Life Guard Rescue!!!

I finally learned how to get out into the wild waves. Please understand, I have never been one to really put my face underwater in a pool. I doggie-paddle on top of the water when I do laps. I didn't want to miss the fun at camp. so I went for it and dived under the waves until I could get to where they weren't smashing and crashing.

I liked it and I wasn't stressed or anything.

Then I saw the life guard driving his jeep towards me and coming after me. I really wasn't drowning or anything, but heck, if a lifeguard is going to come get you... all the more fun!

I am sure I was a sight. An oldish lady in an old lady suit swimming, err, drifting doggie-paddle style southwards.

John's version says I was only in 2 feet of water. He can't believe I conned a lifeguard to get me in s hallow water.

David said it would be better if his jeep was a John Deere.

William thinks its the funniest thing ever. At least William laughed at something today.

Really it wasn't a big deal. Really. Just tell me which beaches the life guards are at! :)

I'll tell you another short surf story...

John looks like a big kahuna, but the truth is, he's just a big tuna.

Okay-really, the waves were big. Most kids were too little to go out on boards. Scott went out. If he could handle these waves, I have no doubt he will have a blast in reasonable waves. David was so brave body surfing. He lasted the whole time in the water the kids were out.

No more back pain or spasms today. The beach is the best therapy.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Surf Report, Back Spasm, Chicken Little

Surf Conditions Day 1--- Red Flag-- the waves were big. Three instructors took David out. He had NO Fear and rode in. After that lifeguards didn't want the campers out on the boards. All the campers had fun  in the rough waves (even without boards). Except William. "Sleeping beauty" slept under the umbrella the whole time. It must have been a good night on xbox that kept him awake all night.  Back to the surf-- I noticed the campers got braver and braver. They went out deeper and seemed to get stronger.

Even me. I never go out in rough conditions. I liked the safety in numbers today. I took off my glasses and my hat. I left my bberry behind and I LOVED being tossed around by the big waves. Interesting... my back was still achy all weekend, but not in the salt water and not when I was being tossed around. Do you think I missed my calling? Maybe I was really meant to be a surfer and never knew it. Scott was watching the experienced surfers doing their thing and he can't wait till he has enough practice to be one of them. On the beach I always sat around envious of those who looked comfortable on surf boards and I may or may not master surf boarding, but I sure hope my sons can get comfortable on the board as youngsters. I mean we live in Florida, they should enjoy the water.  Not to mention they are good looking and dark skinned. The surf is the place for them to be!

My back spasmed all weekend. I went for a long walk with my SIL this weekend despite the pain. I wasn't sure if I was going to attempt stronglifts tonight after a day in the water (and with pain). I decided to do a light workout. By light, I mean a squatted 95 pounds 3x5, bench 105 5x5 and a few light rows. Bench doesn't seem to bother my back. AT ALL. I have stuck with this routine instead of the OP and DL b/c I have a haunch its the OP that started the spasm. Now that I worked out tonight my back feels ok. Better than it did this afternoon.  Over the weekend I used heating pads, over the counters and prescription muscle relaxers and prescription voltaren gel. I thought about massage and therapy, but I had so many other dental, speech therapy and other evaluations already scheduled, I couldn't fit one more thing in.

While on the topic of back pain... let's talk about about weight lifting belt. I have not used one. While I am doing weights that I can do so many reps with(5x5 or 3 x5), I think its a false sense of security. A belt pinches my abdominal fat and interferes with good technique; and floats around on your back where you want support the most. Now perhaps when I lift heavier and can only do one rep sets, I may feel different about a belt. For now, I may as well strengthen my core as I do not go around the day wearing a back brace for everything I do. I want to concentrate on technique.

My BIL took the photo of Scott this weekend with his pets.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Muscle Spasm..........

Without a problem...
I could deadlift 185 5 times...
Next workout 190 5 times...
Next time 195 5 times...
Next time 200 5 times... I felt like my form suffered, but I did it
Next time 205... I could not budge the weight off the floor even once.
I removed 5 pounds. No luck. I removed 5 more pounds. Still no luck getting it off the ground.

I went to yoga the next day to stretch out.
Did stronglifts the next day.
Did more yoga the day after.
My back is in spasm. I don't recall exactly which day it started. But its getting better. I won't miss a stronglifts work out, but I have done a major deload.

Not sure which exact move triggered it or if it's a combinatination of all. Probably a little of all. I swim and do activities with my boys and I never stop and have tons of stress right now.

There you have it. I am human too.
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