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Monday, June 27, 2011

So this is what we do.... 15th week

Photos for your enjoyment and amusement.
When John first attempted squats 15 weeks ago, he had no range of motion. I never thought I'd see this. AND he went to the orthopedic a few months ago for meniscal tear. No more knee problems with squatting.
"We don't need no orthopedics"~ pink floyd :)
Photos and video is informative.
Note to self, widen my  stance.
Take shoes off.
This is a barbell row.
Repeat: Photos are informative.
Is John even paying attention to me?
He looks ready to save me if I topple.
I would of not known this without photo.
Ok, he looks great. I'll keep him.
Moving the 45 pound plates around, no longer a big deal. Tonight I did
135lbs 2x2, in addition to my SL 125 5x3
PS: My butt stays on the bench, it's the photo that's tilted.
William took our photos and worked out with us, but he didn't want any photos.
I must admit taking photos during work out is distracting.


  1. My legs are sore. I can't get off my computer chair. Ouch. I'll just go back to facebook. ha.

    I need to go back to blogging about food journals and figure out why stronglifts fattens the waist. Really I am squeezing into my pants.

    The boys and I do other great exercise, I should write about too.

  2. My wedding ring is getting loose, but my belt is tight.

  3. Denise, You are just so inspiring! Maybe I could convince Ryan to lift weights with me! I bet it would improve my posture. I'm such a slouch.


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