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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

June Drought

We have had drought conditions here in South Florida. Finally tonight we had rain and the thunder. The lightening electrocuted our patio TV. Last year the oven got electrocuted. Love being on the river in Florida!
I hadn't shown pictures of my chickens on this blog yet. I look more like a chicken holding this chicken in the rain.

David is standing next to sugar cane. Sugar cane still grows without much water. I cut this stalk off and I am going to let Scott chop it and suck on it.
Pineapple also likes it here. Neighboring Jensen Beach is the pineapple capital of the world. Hopefully, my yard will be a capital too. This is our first potential fruit. It still has a long way to go.
Mangoes- here is the bunch I harvested tonight. Looks like we won't have as many as last year, still we will have plenty. If you remember our tree gets ORGANIC fertilizer all year.
Most of my other greens aren't doing too well. It's too dry, hot and we have a ton of grasshoppers eating my plants. One colorful locust is cute. A ton is not. I totally understand how they were a plague in Egypt and in Plum Creek. I am so tired of them, they will not be pictured tonight. I wish the chickens would eat them. I like it when the boys throw them in the river... but they swim right out. Disgusting. 


  1. Love seeing all the happenings at your home! You all look great!

  2. Just wondering how to make organic fertilizer. I grow some veggies and fruit and would love to put that on things instead of miracle grow. Do tell. I have pineapples too but they are not doing anything really. My black and blue berry bushes are not really doing much either. Cute chickens. I am sure you will get a lot of eggs from them.

  3. Anon, You must be asking about the organic fertilizer for my mangoe tree. The roots go to the septic tank. :) Inever intentionally fertilize the tree.

    Pinapples take 2 years to fruit. My berry bushes aren't doing to well. It's really dry now. I do put coffee grinds on my plants and the residual of my green smoothies. I fill the the dirty blender back up and water my plants. I have fertilizer from RICS nursery I use occasioanlly.

  4. Utah had a major grasshopper problem too. It's a pretty good story! Involved some seagulls too! ;) The past few years were really bad for us here. I got some Nolo Bait, it took a few years but we are finally down to just a few this summer. They sure reek havoc on a garden! I still think it's so cool that you can actually grow pineapple, mangoes, sugar cane etc. there! Sounds like paradise to me! ;)


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