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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Chronic Muscle Weakness

I know lots of us have been having trouble leaving comments on blogger. I'm having trouble adding to the comments on my own blog.

I wanted to start by telling Brad I appreciate his comments re: stronglifts, last post. I do lots of squats working up to my max weight and then deloading. At the lower weights my form is good. I get my hip crease below my knee. It only makes sense that higher/max weights my form feels challenged. I feel my calves and lower legs kick in. I begin to feel unstable, but that's how you build up. I accept the challenge. ( Also, I appreciate a guy admitting they follow my blog.)

Ok on to the post today- so I am squatting 155 for  3 sets x 5 reps this week ( and benching 135 plus). Sounds impressive....

But, I don't think it is really that great. I am actually still "meaty." (Thanks to Jenn C. and her friend Boney Joe, I realized my redneck name is "Meaty D." :D Funny name for someone who has not eaten red meat in 20 years.

I've been working hard to build my way up to this weight/rep/set. I give myself credit for that. What I am thinking is that I started wayyyyyy under conditioned. If you don't believe me look at the photo of me in the navbar to the right (the before photo), at my heaviest weight. I was unconditioned. Our society accepts that (being 50 pounds overweight) as somewhat normal and what I am now (in strength) as "wow!".

But no, now, I am just reaching average strength.... and unfortunately still "meaty." :)

And, I have lots of potential if I keep on.

What does that say about the rest of society. We are way under conditioned. The intellectual side of my reasoning says that chronic pain syndromes and fibromylagia is from under utilization of our muscles ( I am excluding pain from external trauma for another conversation.).

You need to get moving. Start with walking, yoga, pool aerobics.

 If that's too much,  do chair aerobics and physical therapy. If this is your level you will hurt for a while.

I know lots of people think the pain came before the inactivity. I don't believe it. You are not some randomly chosen person in the universe to have the misfortune of chronic muscle pain. You stopped moving, stretching, balancing, pressing against weight. You may be unaware of your lack of activity. And likely unaware that your lack of activity casues pain. You were probably inactive for years, although it doesn't take long for some of us to feel "pain." Our body needs physical activity. Our inactive muscles crave movement. 

If you are like me, you like to be at a keyboard, but really we have to move.

Remember, I am average BMI, average strength (really!). I am really nothing special at the gym. Just doing average (with good potential). If I must confess my BMI is 26 which is still considered overweight. I am overweight but strong-- just your average American.

Where does that leave you? I hope most of my readers are much, much better off than me.

For the one's with the chronic muscle pain, this post is for you. Have you been using your body to it's potential or just letting it go?  If you let it go (not exercise), it will catch up. I understand if you have pain, it's going to be hard to start moving.

You really need to consider what I am saying here to feel better.


  1. If you think that you're only average strength, you should check out the results from some power lifting competitions: You might be stronger than you think...

  2. Thanks, Brad, for the great link and competition results.

    Yes, I sort of do think I am just "average." :)

    Are you a scout?!!

  3. Haha, no I'm not a scout. Just looking at the results from the latest competition, I can see that even competitive powerlifters aren't too far ahead of you in strength. I think that would put you well above the average population.


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