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Wednesday, June 1, 2011


It's March 4th that I write this, but I am showing a publishing date of June 1, 2011. I wanted to stick an addendum/disclaimer here for anyone who is scrolling back through my blog for dress your truth info. I completed my course in Feb 2011. I did a little bit of shopping just before my course and posted photos and I started shopping after the course, I will tell you that I feel like it has taken me a year to understand my signature style. Anything before this does not represent where I am a year later. You have to start from somewhere. Starting with your current closet is a good place. There is so much more: hair, make-up, EYE-brows,  jewelry and accessories. It takes time. Before June 1st nothing really clicked yet.

After June 1st, my posts and photos are headed towards the right direction. I start including the other elements besides color.

All of them (before and after) are part of the journey. I feel like it is learning what doesn't work and why.

White and black, grey and a true navy are the worst colors for me. From here on out, there is no more of them in my wardrobe. Those colors don't work for me, but may work for others.I don't wear them anymore.

Even though I have a color card, I like a second opinion from the ladies in the forum if it is suitable for me.

I know that clean, smooth, silky, shiny don't work for me.

Give me something nubby, textured and substantial.

You might continue scrolling and think I am to hard on myself (if your not in DYT). But I totally understand why some items work for me and some styles will never be me. I also understand if your not trained in DYT, you may not see what I see.

For me it just took some time. I am sure I will still be adding and modifying. You can scroll to the future now and see the elements working to support me.

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