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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

13th Week

I am in the 13th week of
I am very strong, but not entering a bikini contest any time in the near future (nor would I even if I could). Heck, this program makes me so hungry, I gained weight.

So here are my stats.

Squat 145 pounds 3 sets x 5 reps. On 3x5 I should progress with this. I switched to 3x5 because I deloaded twice as the program says too. Also, I was not recovering. I felt sore going into my next work out.

Overhead Press 60 pounds is the most I could do on 5x5 or 3x5.

Deadlift 185 pounds 1x5, I can go higher. This is with a 45 pound Olympic bar as is all the moves.

Bench 125 pounds. I could not complete a 5 x5 after three tries. I deloaded and I missed the last rep on 3x5 5/5/3. Ugg. (Does this all sound Greek to you?) My max before stronglifts was 135 for a set of one.

Barbell Row 70 pounds, 5x5

I am not sure if my OP and Row can progress much from here, but I still feel like I will see progress with my strength in the other exercises. I will be doing more cardio now that I am well into this routine. I love it and plan to progress through the sequence.


Some other notes I found from June 4th to I post on facebook
Re: what women should do different.

What I did different? Started lower then olympic bar for OP and row. 45 pound bar was adequate for everything else. On OP and Row didn't always increase weight the next work out. A few times on squat I kept it the same. I finished the 11th week. OP I already switched to 3x5. After next week, I may be ready to switch most of the other exercises over as I have deloaded twice or just been stuck for awhile on all. I backed off on heavy cardio at first and slowly incorporating cardio in as I am accustomed to my work out routine. Squat 140 lbs, OP 60, DL 185(!), Bench 120, stalled at 125 5/5/3/3/1 (which is still something for me to proud of), prior to SL could bench 135 x1 rep, row 75. I am 45yo, 180 lbs, 6-51/2. I am more toned, but not a smaller dress size.See More

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