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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

135 x 3!

Squat- sometimes I wonder if I am too hard on myself questioning my form.

Bench 135lbs.  x 3 tonight! That is a personal record. Then I did 140lbs x1. Then I did my 125lbs. 3 x5 as scheduled in my stonglifts program.

And we barbell rowed tonight.

The nice thing about tonight's work out is I didn't have to cook dinner first. John had Ravioli prepared when I came home. No it's not raw. I am just appreciative that food was prepared by someone else tonight.


  1. Congratulations on the new record! I think that questioning form is generally a good thing, especially on compound lifts. The only time it would be bad is if you don't continue progressively loading when you get all your reps because you're concerned about your form. Here's a quote from the e-book "Earlier I had developed a tendency to deload at the first signs of failure. However, Mehdi impressed upon me that when the weight gets to your max, slight compromises are to be accepted & tried to improve upon. He made me increase the weight every time I got all the reps" (Mehdi 177). It makes sense given that progressive loading is very important to combat the repeated bout effect ( I personally try to do the best form I can on every rep, so I never have to second guess whether I "really got that last rep". Then I can feel confident moving up in weight whenever I get all the reps.

  2. Wow that is great that you beat your personal best :). I hope you gave yourself a pat on the back for that major achievement. I used to work out with weights too. I miss it so much. I love the burning feeling in my muscles because I know they are getting a good work out. I plan on getting back to exercising and working out as soon as I can. I love the feeling that I get after a good work out.
    As far as dinner goes, it IS nice to come home to a nice dinner that was made by someone else. That deserves a hug and a big thank you.

  3. I love that your husband made you raviloi!! That's so thoughtful. And wow! I know I couldn't squat 135!! That's really great. Good job :)


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