Join me as a try to feed my family lots of Raw and Superfood. I like to write about the edible garden, exercise, and learning to love my natural expression. I am a Family Practice Physician and believe there are alternatives approaches to feeling your best.

Monday, June 27, 2011

So this is what we do.... 15th week

Photos for your enjoyment and amusement.
When John first attempted squats 15 weeks ago, he had no range of motion. I never thought I'd see this. AND he went to the orthopedic a few months ago for meniscal tear. No more knee problems with squatting.
"We don't need no orthopedics"~ pink floyd :)
Photos and video is informative.
Note to self, widen my  stance.
Take shoes off.
This is a barbell row.
Repeat: Photos are informative.
Is John even paying attention to me?
He looks ready to save me if I topple.
I would of not known this without photo.
Ok, he looks great. I'll keep him.
Moving the 45 pound plates around, no longer a big deal. Tonight I did
135lbs 2x2, in addition to my SL 125 5x3
PS: My butt stays on the bench, it's the photo that's tilted.
William took our photos and worked out with us, but he didn't want any photos.
I must admit taking photos during work out is distracting.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Chronic Muscle Weakness

I know lots of us have been having trouble leaving comments on blogger. I'm having trouble adding to the comments on my own blog.

I wanted to start by telling Brad I appreciate his comments re: stronglifts, last post. I do lots of squats working up to my max weight and then deloading. At the lower weights my form is good. I get my hip crease below my knee. It only makes sense that higher/max weights my form feels challenged. I feel my calves and lower legs kick in. I begin to feel unstable, but that's how you build up. I accept the challenge. ( Also, I appreciate a guy admitting they follow my blog.)

Ok on to the post today- so I am squatting 155 for  3 sets x 5 reps this week ( and benching 135 plus). Sounds impressive....

But, I don't think it is really that great. I am actually still "meaty." (Thanks to Jenn C. and her friend Boney Joe, I realized my redneck name is "Meaty D." :D Funny name for someone who has not eaten red meat in 20 years.

I've been working hard to build my way up to this weight/rep/set. I give myself credit for that. What I am thinking is that I started wayyyyyy under conditioned. If you don't believe me look at the photo of me in the navbar to the right (the before photo), at my heaviest weight. I was unconditioned. Our society accepts that (being 50 pounds overweight) as somewhat normal and what I am now (in strength) as "wow!".

But no, now, I am just reaching average strength.... and unfortunately still "meaty." :)

And, I have lots of potential if I keep on.

What does that say about the rest of society. We are way under conditioned. The intellectual side of my reasoning says that chronic pain syndromes and fibromylagia is from under utilization of our muscles ( I am excluding pain from external trauma for another conversation.).

You need to get moving. Start with walking, yoga, pool aerobics.

 If that's too much,  do chair aerobics and physical therapy. If this is your level you will hurt for a while.

I know lots of people think the pain came before the inactivity. I don't believe it. You are not some randomly chosen person in the universe to have the misfortune of chronic muscle pain. You stopped moving, stretching, balancing, pressing against weight. You may be unaware of your lack of activity. And likely unaware that your lack of activity casues pain. You were probably inactive for years, although it doesn't take long for some of us to feel "pain." Our body needs physical activity. Our inactive muscles crave movement. 

If you are like me, you like to be at a keyboard, but really we have to move.

Remember, I am average BMI, average strength (really!). I am really nothing special at the gym. Just doing average (with good potential). If I must confess my BMI is 26 which is still considered overweight. I am overweight but strong-- just your average American.

Where does that leave you? I hope most of my readers are much, much better off than me.

For the one's with the chronic muscle pain, this post is for you. Have you been using your body to it's potential or just letting it go?  If you let it go (not exercise), it will catch up. I understand if you have pain, it's going to be hard to start moving.

You really need to consider what I am saying here to feel better.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

135 x 3!

Squat- sometimes I wonder if I am too hard on myself questioning my form.

Bench 135lbs.  x 3 tonight! That is a personal record. Then I did 140lbs x1. Then I did my 125lbs. 3 x5 as scheduled in my stonglifts program.

And we barbell rowed tonight.

The nice thing about tonight's work out is I didn't have to cook dinner first. John had Ravioli prepared when I came home. No it's not raw. I am just appreciative that food was prepared by someone else tonight.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

All Good Things, a ramble

14th week Stronglifts - For the guys, Now, I've blogged plenty about weights. Don't complain that all I blog about is birth and bf and nutrition.

Squat- 150 lbs- 3x5's this week. I am going to go up 5 pounds each week(hopefully). Increasing weight 3 x a week on squats is too much for me. I do a lot of warm ups and down sets.

OP still at 60 pounds 3x5

Deadlift 195 1x5! My goal will be 200 pounds on Friday. I don't see any reason why I can't do this.

Bench I've been stuck at 125 for a while. I am going to deviate and see how many I can do at 135 and 140, then do my 125's tomorrow. I need some kind of positive gain feedback on bench.

Row 70 lbs 5x5  no change

I read on stronglifts how a lot of the guys feel their waist thickening when they start strong lifts. Me too. Mine is thicker, fatter, whatever  I must admit. This program makes me hungry. As recommended I didn't do a lot of other cardio early in the program so I can recover and progress in stronglifts.  Now that my body is conditioned to this program I want to start more cardio.

With my pool being warm in the evening now, I can tread and doggie paddle. I will be able to get some low intensity cardio on a regular basis through the summer season and that should help burn some calories.

I definitely plan to continue progressing with stronglifts. It fits into my evening schedule well. I only have to go to the gym 3x a week for this lifting program. I can't really see why I would want to go back to a split routine or 4-5 times at the gym.

I am loving Dressing Your Truth. I have been totally overwhelmed shopping in the past. It is so nice to be able to focus on what works for me and not be so frustrated by so many choices.

For example there is millions of choices of simple costume jewelry. I decided once to not wear any of it. I did not want to look silly. Now I know what looks right on me. I can avoid styles that are totally wrong for me (and right for YOU!). I can enjoy the right look. I enjoyed shopping from the DYT store to see what is recommended for me. From what I learned it has made it easier to pick out other pieces and know what to look for. Also, I know when I wear a lot of neutral colors in my clothes my earrings or toe polish can be just the right amount of color.

I know I always liked long full skirts. I like full pants legs too. I like the movement at the bottom of pants. I also like my pants partially covering my shoes -- evenif the shoe would stand on it's own. It goes with my style. I like writing and educating in a way to keep people learning/thinking. Applying my energy to my "style" in clothes I have this example. My mom told me to roll up the cuff on my pants so you could see the detail on my shoes. I didn't roll them up. I like the long leg just to partially hide detail on my shoe creating an element of curiosity... keep on thinking. I am not making a bold statement or a soft statement, but one that keeps you thinking both in my actions and in dress.

According to DYT I am a three, but I like lots of movement and comfort in my clothes. And I also like something a little random in each outfit. This may not be all three's, but it's me. It's just so amazing to be comfortable with how I am dressing.

I may have pretended not to care how I dress in the past. But I did care. I just had no where to go for this much help to the detail.  I realize that being a professional woman who wants people to value what I say (and without a baby in my sling), appearances do matter.

The last thing I wanted to share, is how busy I have been in my office. It's hard starting a business of any sorts. Including a medical practice. We were told it would take 4 years. In seven years, I've seen several practice models not make it, but I did. Lately whatever hours, I tell my secretary she has to fill she has no problem. My time in the office has been busy, efficient and rewarding. It's really exciting to be able to really help people stay well or to optimize their health wherever they are at.

I had a drug rep come in today with a new diabetes pill. I usually don't spend much time with them. I told her, "I will not be the one to try new pills. Someone else can experiment with your drug. I will press-on about diet with raw greens and exercises. Those people that want your drugs can go to the doctors who want drugs to prescribe. I will be available for the people who want the tried and true method of sugar control."

I had a 70 year old lady come in on no meds. She just wanted to establish. She is in good health. The last doctor she went to told her that he could not make any money off of her. ( I couldn't imagine that he said that!)  I am ok if she is healthy. Someone who really needs me can fill the spot that she won't need.

Of course, I prescribe when I need too (pain, ADHD, diet, chronic medical problems). And don't be ashamed if you need something. There are good reasons to prescribe. I just don't like being pushed by drug reps with nothing but sales training.

I am glad I have natural tools in my life like Stronglifts and DYT to help communicate my message. I hope you will see if you can benefit from these teachings too.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

13th Week

I am in the 13th week of
I am very strong, but not entering a bikini contest any time in the near future (nor would I even if I could). Heck, this program makes me so hungry, I gained weight.

So here are my stats.

Squat 145 pounds 3 sets x 5 reps. On 3x5 I should progress with this. I switched to 3x5 because I deloaded twice as the program says too. Also, I was not recovering. I felt sore going into my next work out.

Overhead Press 60 pounds is the most I could do on 5x5 or 3x5.

Deadlift 185 pounds 1x5, I can go higher. This is with a 45 pound Olympic bar as is all the moves.

Bench 125 pounds. I could not complete a 5 x5 after three tries. I deloaded and I missed the last rep on 3x5 5/5/3. Ugg. (Does this all sound Greek to you?) My max before stronglifts was 135 for a set of one.

Barbell Row 70 pounds, 5x5

I am not sure if my OP and Row can progress much from here, but I still feel like I will see progress with my strength in the other exercises. I will be doing more cardio now that I am well into this routine. I love it and plan to progress through the sequence.


Some other notes I found from June 4th to I post on facebook
Re: what women should do different.

What I did different? Started lower then olympic bar for OP and row. 45 pound bar was adequate for everything else. On OP and Row didn't always increase weight the next work out. A few times on squat I kept it the same. I finished the 11th week. OP I already switched to 3x5. After next week, I may be ready to switch most of the other exercises over as I have deloaded twice or just been stuck for awhile on all. I backed off on heavy cardio at first and slowly incorporating cardio in as I am accustomed to my work out routine. Squat 140 lbs, OP 60, DL 185(!), Bench 120, stalled at 125 5/5/3/3/1 (which is still something for me to proud of), prior to SL could bench 135 x1 rep, row 75. I am 45yo, 180 lbs, 6-51/2. I am more toned, but not a smaller dress size.See More

June 4 at 9:09pm ·

June Drought

We have had drought conditions here in South Florida. Finally tonight we had rain and the thunder. The lightening electrocuted our patio TV. Last year the oven got electrocuted. Love being on the river in Florida!
I hadn't shown pictures of my chickens on this blog yet. I look more like a chicken holding this chicken in the rain.

David is standing next to sugar cane. Sugar cane still grows without much water. I cut this stalk off and I am going to let Scott chop it and suck on it.
Pineapple also likes it here. Neighboring Jensen Beach is the pineapple capital of the world. Hopefully, my yard will be a capital too. This is our first potential fruit. It still has a long way to go.
Mangoes- here is the bunch I harvested tonight. Looks like we won't have as many as last year, still we will have plenty. If you remember our tree gets ORGANIC fertilizer all year.
Most of my other greens aren't doing too well. It's too dry, hot and we have a ton of grasshoppers eating my plants. One colorful locust is cute. A ton is not. I totally understand how they were a plague in Egypt and in Plum Creek. I am so tired of them, they will not be pictured tonight. I wish the chickens would eat them. I like it when the boys throw them in the river... but they swim right out. Disgusting. 

Saturday, June 4, 2011

IBS and Excercise

John pointed out an interesting observation after several weeks of exercise.

Most of know that exercise (ie, activity), promotes regular bowel movements. He has a new twist to this well-known fact that he's observed since lifting weights, especially squats.

Strengthening the core improves IBS.

Yes, in and of itself core strength, he points out improves bowel function.

I never thought of it like that before. It makes such perfect sense.
As much as it matters what you put in to your mouth, you must have conditioned muscles to have proper function.
Thoughts anyone?

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


It's March 4th that I write this, but I am showing a publishing date of June 1, 2011. I wanted to stick an addendum/disclaimer here for anyone who is scrolling back through my blog for dress your truth info. I completed my course in Feb 2011. I did a little bit of shopping just before my course and posted photos and I started shopping after the course, I will tell you that I feel like it has taken me a year to understand my signature style. Anything before this does not represent where I am a year later. You have to start from somewhere. Starting with your current closet is a good place. There is so much more: hair, make-up, EYE-brows,  jewelry and accessories. It takes time. Before June 1st nothing really clicked yet.

After June 1st, my posts and photos are headed towards the right direction. I start including the other elements besides color.

All of them (before and after) are part of the journey. I feel like it is learning what doesn't work and why.

White and black, grey and a true navy are the worst colors for me. From here on out, there is no more of them in my wardrobe. Those colors don't work for me, but may work for others.I don't wear them anymore.

Even though I have a color card, I like a second opinion from the ladies in the forum if it is suitable for me.

I know that clean, smooth, silky, shiny don't work for me.

Give me something nubby, textured and substantial.

You might continue scrolling and think I am to hard on myself (if your not in DYT). But I totally understand why some items work for me and some styles will never be me. I also understand if your not trained in DYT, you may not see what I see.

For me it just took some time. I am sure I will still be adding and modifying. You can scroll to the future now and see the elements working to support me.

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