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Friday, May 20, 2011

The End of Week 9 with Stronglifts.

Squat- 135 lbs. 5sets x 5reps. I like it barefoot. I need a belt now.
OP- 50 lbs, switched to 3x5 this week
DEADLIFT-  170 pounds 1x5
Bench- 125 lbs attempted 5x5 since I completed 5x5 at 120 pounds.  This is what I did do: 3/3/3/3/1 Not bad even if I didn't get 5 reps. I am not intimidated of bench I will try this next week.
Barbell Row 65 lbs. 5x5

I am not sore. I am not sore! Nor am I too tired. Don't get me wrong it's a workout, but just the right amount.  I was sore for a few weeks. I worked passed it and I feel good after my workout. I am stretching a lot.

Next week, I may deload a bit on the squat and work my way back up. In the meantime it may allow for my bench to improve. Varyig the weights keeps the routine from getting boring and constantly challenges me.

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