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Friday, May 20, 2011

The End of Week 9 with Stronglifts.

Squat- 135 lbs. 5sets x 5reps. I like it barefoot. I need a belt now.
OP- 50 lbs, switched to 3x5 this week
DEADLIFT-  170 pounds 1x5
Bench- 125 lbs attempted 5x5 since I completed 5x5 at 120 pounds.  This is what I did do: 3/3/3/3/1 Not bad even if I didn't get 5 reps. I am not intimidated of bench I will try this next week.
Barbell Row 65 lbs. 5x5

I am not sore. I am not sore! Nor am I too tired. Don't get me wrong it's a workout, but just the right amount.  I was sore for a few weeks. I worked passed it and I feel good after my workout. I am stretching a lot.

Next week, I may deload a bit on the squat and work my way back up. In the meantime it may allow for my bench to improve. Varyig the weights keeps the routine from getting boring and constantly challenges me.

Want to know more about stronglifts... or the facebookpage.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Three (or so) Months of DYT

I am loving DYT, Dressing Your Truth. I've aways hated shopping. I hated trying things on. I never new what to pick. That is common with Type 3. Often stylish ruffles and girl things make us look frumpy. Circle patterns are big now and that's something I look terrible in.

This first brown shirt with lots of angles is one I would of never picked before DYT. I actually feel very comfortable in it. I got at at an outlet sale. I've been trying to take lots of photos, to be honest with myself how I look in things (not cause I am vain). If I absolutely can't get a good photo, it's a big hint, that it's probably not my type. But something else bothered me in this first photo and it took a while to figure it out. But now I realize I look much better with letting my hair go. You can see the progress in these photos. For years I tried to wear it a perfect blunt-- that's for another type. Sometimes I tried to curl the ends under--that's yet, for another type. Believe it or not I thought I had supper straight hair. Now I know the truth -- my hair has a mind of it's own, just like I do. Somedays it's kind of curly and fun. Somedays naturally it's messy and wild. Now,  I am just letting it go with a little gel for support. I don't dry or spend time curling under. I like feeling my hair move. And it's not not straight like I thought; thin and fine, but not straight. (Also, colored, but not gray!) I also learned how to make it straight and right for me.

For a beginner 3 its easy to stick with earthy brown. It's safe. I always found discounted stores hard to shop at. I never went to them. Now with  my color card from DYT. I let the color catch my eye, than I take a look at the garment. It's makes it easy to shop the discounted stores without going through everything.
I ventured out to a similar colored, but totally different vement than the first, also from Beall's OUTLET. I like the criss-cross and the randomness. I am getting a sense for my secondary type.

I like 3/4 lengths sleeves, like I wrote in a previous post, but it is hot here. I like short sleeves, now.

It has seemed like I have finally found the right kind of pants for me. I like the brown's and bone colored as a base. I prefer a fabric that has movement (like wide at my ankles). I've always hated jeans. "Bone" is my jeans. And since it's bone, I can wear it to the office. We have a rule at the office "no jeans" shhh-- don't tell anyone I am wearing "my jeans" all the time to the office. My jeans are purchased from Marshalls.  The other 2 pants were from Chico's. I lucked out as it was right before DYT.  I have a feeling I'll find real denims soon using DYT guidance.

Over the past three months of DYT, I wanted more variety in color. I have succeeded.
This peacock blue shirt I found with my mother at Stein mart on sale before DYT and it fell to the back of my closet and JUST resurfaced. I was very excited to find it. I like the neckline. My type is suppose to wear substantial necklaces. Until I build my collection, I felt very comfortable with the thick textured neckline and my gold chain. That bird's color pattern would work for me, too.  That's really is my bird. It's a chicken.

The jewelery on DYT that they suggest for my type looks big (and substantial). I never wore earrings because of the pulling it does on my lobes. From the DYT store, I finally got earrings that fit my movement and energy. I am so excited about my purchase and I am investigating what I want next from the store. I am actually wearing the Emerald City earrings in this last photo. You can barely see them. They may be substantial, but too me they are small (and light).

This awesome cranberry shirt is from Sam's Club. I was excited when I saw it because I knew the color was right for ME. Another textured neckline, right for me. That's my jeans with it. :)
I've been asked, do you have to dress your type all the time? No, you don't. There may be some things that fit me, but won't work for another 3. And there will be things that work for all 3's.               BUT WHY WOULD I NOT WANT TO DRESS MY TRUTH? Why would I want to go back to patterns and colors that don't work when now I know what to look for.Why?      I've also been asked if my closet mostly had my colors before DYT, by instinct? Absolutely not. I had no instinct. I had way too much black because the stores show 75% black and it was the easiest way to go.   But you know, it's just as easy to make bone and my brown base colors. How did I conclude I am a type 3. Based on my energy-- I act with purpose and goals. That is one of my most dominant features. Based on my facial features. Carol, the founder, is so sweet, she calls it movement. I call it melasma, acne, bags and wrinkles. LOL. My blemishes are now my strong point, go figure. When I wear the right color, patterns, and textures for me, I feel confident, that the flaws are muted a tiny bit. I love my movement, both in my overall energy and those facial features. I certainly hope the other lovely 3's have less of this sort of movement.  Another Question (this is from dear John, who just walked in-- who is that, did you have botox? NO, NO, NO, I did not. If you have any doubt, you can observe the "movement" in real life when you see me.

I have done a lot of personal development, lately. DYT is not just for those who are losing weight and/or at ideal weights. Everyone can benefit. In fact good self esteem often helps you lose weight.

As I learn how to incorporate my accessories, I hope to share more about this. You may think this is all about fashion. It totally incorporates learning your nature, accepting and understanding yourself, and relationships.

Is your lines random, flowing, angular (like mine), or straight?
Are you full of ideas, details, purpose (my dominant), or black and white?

More importantly
Are you in harmony?

Find out

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