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Friday, April 15, 2011

Work Out Summary

I'm still eating high raw everyday. Each day I usually drink 4 cups of smoothie, a big raw vegan salad, chocolate bliss, sprouted almonds and seeds, kefir water, and dabble in some cooked food. Some people think all I eat is raw. Just to clarify I don't. I feel I have found a good balance for me. Some days are very, very close.

For years, I talked about birth and doulas, I felt like no one heard me. Then I talked about breastfeeding and a few heard me. I am BLOWN away at how much interest there is in raw food. I am surrounded by green smoothie drinkers. I have the support I need, but it blows my mind that some people never eat anything raw, let alone any vegetables.

I do not calorie count. Maybe I should? That is where my motivation ends. While I have been doing intense strenth training, I have been reaching for more foods with a nut or bean base.

I want to sum up my first 4 weeks of the 5x5 training program I am doing.
All my maxed out weights listed below are 5 sets of 5 reps. I am delaying the gratification of maxing out on one rep to work on form and conditioning. When I get to the point in my program where I can do a rep of one, I know it will be worth doing it this way.

Squat- 105 pounds. My form suffered at this weight, so I have deloaded just a bit. From the deload I will work my way back up. Squats are done each work out. These are just low weights. When you start peaking you back down on intense squat work outs.
Bench Press- 115. Yes, I did 5 sets, 5 reps at this weight. It was hard, on Sunday I will try 120 5x5
Overhead press- 60 pounds. This was hard. My form was close, but not as good as I'd like it. I pick the bar up off from the floor and do this standing. In this program BP and OP are alternated each work out to prevent/minimize injury to the shoulder.
Barbell row- up to 60 pounds.
Deadlift- 135, this is the exception 1 set, 5 reps. Barbell row/Deadlift are alternated each work out.

I do warm up set-ups and cool down sets. I stretch. These combinations get my heart rate up. I do a little cardio warm up to get my blood flowing, but not to the point of sweating. I only am in the gym 3 days a week. Any work out in between is for fun and recreation with the boys. Not stressful or intense. I need the recovery time.

I feel my muscles after every work out. I don't mean in a bad way. Like, I know I did not waste a work out. Over the next month as I reach my plateau, I will delaod, and build up again adding 5 pounds to the bar. When I stall after 2 deloads, the program has you move into 3x3 sets.

John goes with me. He does what I tell him (at the gym). Since you start light. His program is similar to mine except he benches more. I didn't have him start at the lowest weight in bench because he has been benching a while. He won't plateau soon. This month I expect he'll keep increasing as I deload. His range of motion in his knees has improved significantly. Who would of known; A few months ago he had a meniscal tear in his knee. Not necessarily thinner and less weight, but we are both better conditioned than we ever have been.

Strength training tightens your muscles. I've enjoyed yoga to help stretch and balance. From the little experience I have with yoga I feel the benefits. I have a lot of patients complain of chronic knee and/or back pain. Honestly, the gentle range of motion and stretch would help a lot.  I am looking forward to the family class at the civic center tomorrow.

I'll try not to bore you every other day with my weight personal records. :)

Keep in mind my protein is nearly all vegan with occasional local eggs. If I have had dairy it is minor. If I had any meat, it was________ wings.


  1. Getting up out of my chair...ewwww.... I feel every bit of my work out. Definately not wasted time at the gym today.

  2. Just letting you know I was here. Alissa :-)


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