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Friday, April 1, 2011

End of Week 2, The "B" Routine

Today John and I did the "B" routine of of our 5x5 routine. This is the end of our second week. I've been squatting for a while on and off over the past year. Last time I squatted this weight (before 5x5 routine), I could not go so low. When I read the program, I felt a little intimidated that I would be able to squat low as they insist. But it felt GOOD today. I squatted 95# 5 reps, 5 sets.

I had never did over head press before this routine. In fact I am pretty certain I could not lift an olympic bar over my head on a seated press so I never did them. I started with a few bars in the gym lighter... 20#, 30#. 40#, and tonight 45 pounds. No problem. I know I got a lot more in me.
The third excercise we all did was the deadlift. Again we started with lighter weights last week and progress. Tonight's only 115 pounds.
I can feel my muscles after doing all these combo move reps, but it is a good feel. I have not felt sore.
I am looking forward to next weeks routine when I can progressively add some more weight.
BTW- I am dressing my truth at the gym today. :) I do have a favorite pair of black shorts as an alternative. I am seeing how hard black is. At the gym it definately makes me look too tough. I'd rather not look like I am in a gang. I took some photos of John tonight , he's doing the smae thing as me. William, the "14" yo, didn't want me to even take a photo of him. He was willing to take my photos. We are glad he is interested in the gym. I suppose he'll be all about the camera as we move into heavier weights. I am really curious how far I can go with this incremental weight increase.
The program is designed for men without a lot of direction for women. Not that it should be any different... but honestly, I don't think I am going to keep up with John,  we'll see. He's got strength. I got range of motion and good knees. I just know from tonight, I'll be able to do my drills 5x5's  next week. Then I'll worry about the next week after that. I know your wondering why I take all these silly photos at light weights. I feel like it will help me if I see what I am doing and how I progress. Also, there is not really that many photos and vids of combo moves at lighter weight. You don't have to lift 600 pounds to benefit. I hope to encourage you. I do warm up on a machine before this for my heart rate and cardio, but this  is cardio, It does keep my weight up moving through all the reps.

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