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Friday, April 29, 2011

After 6th week of Stronglifts

Finished 6 weeks of stronglifts.

Squat- 105 pounds. My form suffered at this weight 2 weeks ago, so I deloaded just a bit and worked my way back up a gain to this weight. I watch Mendhi's squat video a lot, yet I am hard to critique on my form. I've been very careful to watch my form and go low. I felt OK doing the squats today. Next week I am going to increase to 110. It seems that I should be squatting more than I bench, but I've been benching over a year consistently (I've also benched in the passed).  I here a lot of talk about squatting abilities should be certain % of your weight. I am no where near my body weight. This week I squatted barefoot and like it. I also did no use the bar pad. I see my squat increasing very slowly.

Bench Press- at 120 pound, I tried 5 x5, three times. I came very close to getting all 25 reps. I will deload by 10% next week. I know I will be able to push pass 120. My max before doing 5 x5's was 135 x 1 rep. I have not done a one rep set in 6 weeks. It is getting tempting to see if I could push 140 or more, but I feel very patient and confident with this program. When I get back to 135, I'll be doing 5x5's! :)

Overhead press- 60 pounds was very hard two weeks ago. I was hurting more than I thought I should. So I deloaded and stayed at 50 this week. I was so sore, actually I think my form and progress sufferred early last week in the other moves because of over doing it.  That means I have lots to look forward to next week, now that I am recovered. BTW- I have no more bat wings. This makes OP so worth it.

Barbell row- up to 60 pounds. But because I was sore, I deloaded to 50 pounds. Next week, I will take it back to 55, 60...

Deadlift- 155,1x 5. Not a plateau. Next week, 160... I expect to be able to lift my body weight and more.

A few days I finished quicker than planned and did abd machines or other machines. I could definately notice a difference in my endurance and strength.

BW 175, I am 45.

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