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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Monthly Lifting Progress

On March 4, 2011
Bench Press 135 x 1
Squat 105 x 5
Dead Lift 110 x 5

On March 19
Squat  125 a few times
Deadlift 155 x2 

I've started doing the squat and dead lift the last month. I am using a straight 45 pound Olympic bar with weights. I have not plateaued out yet on either nor reached my body weight. I just add a few more pounds each time. I am doing each move about twice a week with machines. I noticed if I do sets of two of these exercises I feel a complete work out-- almost.

These seemingly simple moves are so amazing in how they work my core where I seem to need it the most.

I don't think that my age is a limiting factor. I've had no injuries (old or new) to contend with or work around. In search of finding the proper technique, order, and routine, I found

This program gives me guidance that follows my instincts in that the two exercises were almost complete.
I usually do weight training on MWF (as suggested anyway in the report). 
It has routine A with squats, bench, row: routine B with squats, overhead and deadlift.
Alternate A and B work out. Week one is ABA, Week 2 is BAB. 
Start with a light load, and do 5 reps, 5 sets. I will back down on some of my weight to get the complete 5x5. Incrementally you add weight to the bar.  It starts light and you increase the weight each time.  
I have never done bar bell rows or overhead presses, until last week, but the 3 combination moves seems to make complete sense. I started lighter than the olympic bar to do the new lifts. 

I like the routine because it gets right to the point without a zillion isolation exercise (and no sit-ups- required!). (Trust me. I feel it in my core.)
This is appealing also because I like to get in and out of the gym efficiently.The program is designed for men (probably because that's who is interested). I think I have enough experience and common sense to adapt it to my needs. Since I was at a plateau with the machines and bench, I do think this will help me a lot. I have John's program and mine in an excel spread sheet. The website has lots of before and afters, I am actually starting this in the best health that I have ever been in (sorry no photo today), but still weak in many areas.

For anyone intimidated to do squat and deadlift, I say, give it a try! You may feel great! I am glad I wasn't too wimpy to try it out. It lead me to researching and finding a great work out.

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