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Monday, March 21, 2011

Gluten Intolerance and IBS, and Raw

I realized today that I started this blog a year ago. It was a great chance for me to scroll through my back blog and see what's been on my mind at times and bring back some ideas to the front.

I had a senior patient tell me today that after a life of diarrhea and irritable bowel, she decided to give up gluten. She got better. She said she feels great. She recalled being fed oatmeal before school as a kid and getting sick each day. She made a point of telling me her deep thoughts. "What about all the pharmaceuticals that they keep coming out with for IBS. What if its just gluten sensitivity. We'll never help people if we keep trying all the drugs." 
That is a fantastic point. She told me the grocery foods were increasing the amount of gluten free options. She mentioned a lot of canned and packaged food. Just imagine how much better she could feel if she moved on over to fresh and Raw.

We went back through her chart and saw that colonoscopy showed colitis a few years ago. Antibiotics and the medical regimen failed to improve her long term (all though, in the short-picture an improvement was noted.) She'd like testing to confirm Celiac Disease.

A Raw diet including fermented (probiotics), sprouts (enzymes), greens, and superfoods is compatible and a desired diet for gluten intolerance. Probiotics and enzymes are both needed for a healthy gut.

I've been asked if a Raw diet is too limiting for a patient with Celiac disease. NO! It opens up options.

I've been asked if Chocolate Bliss is compatible with Celiac disease. Even though the ingredient Rain Forest Rush has wheat in it, the ingredient is not the grain part that contains the gluten protein in it.

Here are some gluen-free grains, nuts, and seeds... many of them are naturally eaten Raw (by me at least) and also nutritious when cooked. (I like quinoa cooked). I found the list at

Almond flour low carb alternative to wheat flour

Amaranth (extremely nutritious)

Arrowroot (great as a thickener for soups and sauces)

Buckwheat (not a form or wheat, despite its name)

Millet (not just bird feed!)

Quinoa (pronounced keen-wah) a real superfood!

Rice a good form of starch but with less protein than other grains

Tapioca (used for more than that horrible pudding you ate at school!) is produced from a root

Chickpeas or garbanzo beans (ground into a flour called Gram or besan)

Lentils(a small round pulse that doesn't need soaking overnight before cooking)

Carob (a sweet flour, it is made from the ground bean pods rather than the beans themselves)

Coconut flour

Corn or maize

Job's tears can be used as a substitute for pearl barley

Soy beans can be used in a similar way to grains...flakes, grits, flour and bran

Sesame seeds

Sunflower seeds

Pumpkin seeds

Sweet Chestnuts

Sorghum or milo

Teff grain - the tiniest grain in the world!

Potato (yes it can be made into a flour-like starch)

What do you think of IBS vs. Gluten intolerance?


  1. Chocolate Bliss has not bothered my Celiac at all, started slow on Friday and then had 24 ozs Saturday and began my thankful!!!


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