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Monday, March 21, 2011

Gluten Intolerance and IBS, and Raw

I realized today that I started this blog a year ago. It was a great chance for me to scroll through my back blog and see what's been on my mind at times and bring back some ideas to the front.

I had a senior patient tell me today that after a life of diarrhea and irritable bowel, she decided to give up gluten. She got better. She said she feels great. She recalled being fed oatmeal before school as a kid and getting sick each day. She made a point of telling me her deep thoughts. "What about all the pharmaceuticals that they keep coming out with for IBS. What if its just gluten sensitivity. We'll never help people if we keep trying all the drugs." 
That is a fantastic point. She told me the grocery foods were increasing the amount of gluten free options. She mentioned a lot of canned and packaged food. Just imagine how much better she could feel if she moved on over to fresh and Raw.

We went back through her chart and saw that colonoscopy showed colitis a few years ago. Antibiotics and the medical regimen failed to improve her long term (all though, in the short-picture an improvement was noted.) She'd like testing to confirm Celiac Disease.

A Raw diet including fermented (probiotics), sprouts (enzymes), greens, and superfoods is compatible and a desired diet for gluten intolerance. Probiotics and enzymes are both needed for a healthy gut.

I've been asked if a Raw diet is too limiting for a patient with Celiac disease. NO! It opens up options.

I've been asked if Chocolate Bliss is compatible with Celiac disease. Even though the ingredient Rain Forest Rush has wheat in it, the ingredient is not the grain part that contains the gluten protein in it.

Here are some gluen-free grains, nuts, and seeds... many of them are naturally eaten Raw (by me at least) and also nutritious when cooked. (I like quinoa cooked). I found the list at

Almond flour low carb alternative to wheat flour

Amaranth (extremely nutritious)

Arrowroot (great as a thickener for soups and sauces)

Buckwheat (not a form or wheat, despite its name)

Millet (not just bird feed!)

Quinoa (pronounced keen-wah) a real superfood!

Rice a good form of starch but with less protein than other grains

Tapioca (used for more than that horrible pudding you ate at school!) is produced from a root

Chickpeas or garbanzo beans (ground into a flour called Gram or besan)

Lentils(a small round pulse that doesn't need soaking overnight before cooking)

Carob (a sweet flour, it is made from the ground bean pods rather than the beans themselves)

Coconut flour

Corn or maize

Job's tears can be used as a substitute for pearl barley

Soy beans can be used in a similar way to grains...flakes, grits, flour and bran

Sesame seeds

Sunflower seeds

Pumpkin seeds

Sweet Chestnuts

Sorghum or milo

Teff grain - the tiniest grain in the world!

Potato (yes it can be made into a flour-like starch)

What do you think of IBS vs. Gluten intolerance?

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Kefir Water (and Diabetes)

Thanks to Trish for sending me starter Kefir water grains, I've been drinking this delicious, fermented, probiotic drink a few weeks now. My kids seem to enjoy it also. I have not had much success with fermenting pickles, sauerkraut, on my Raw journey, so I am excited at how easy this is.

I am asked all the time about which probiotics I recommend. Till now I generally leave it up to the person to find one. I do like healthforce products which includes probiotics (see my recommended page).

For probiotics I like this drink the best of all.

I've been fortunate to get a few starters divided and out there. I wish I can divide for everyone, but when a give a starter I ask our mutual friends to pass them along for me. Trish will mail them to you if you are not local.

This video is excellent. The more I google water kefir, the more sites I find. So far I have followed this recipe in the video.

This makes me think a lot about yeast sensitivities and diabetes. Our American diets are so unnatural. Not only do I believe that diabetes and yeast problems come from too much sugar, but I do believe there is deficiencies in our diet.  When I diabetic tells me they are following a strict diet and still can't get their sugar down... maybe they are missing something? Like fermented food? What do you think?

Also, sprouted food is important is im portant for everyone including diabetics... It is simple to sprout.

If you are local and want some starter grains leave a comment. If I can't get you any, perhaps one of our mutual friends will be able to help me out in distribution.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Monthly Lifting Progress

On March 4, 2011
Bench Press 135 x 1
Squat 105 x 5
Dead Lift 110 x 5

On March 19
Squat  125 a few times
Deadlift 155 x2 

I've started doing the squat and dead lift the last month. I am using a straight 45 pound Olympic bar with weights. I have not plateaued out yet on either nor reached my body weight. I just add a few more pounds each time. I am doing each move about twice a week with machines. I noticed if I do sets of two of these exercises I feel a complete work out-- almost.

These seemingly simple moves are so amazing in how they work my core where I seem to need it the most.

I don't think that my age is a limiting factor. I've had no injuries (old or new) to contend with or work around. In search of finding the proper technique, order, and routine, I found

This program gives me guidance that follows my instincts in that the two exercises were almost complete.
I usually do weight training on MWF (as suggested anyway in the report). 
It has routine A with squats, bench, row: routine B with squats, overhead and deadlift.
Alternate A and B work out. Week one is ABA, Week 2 is BAB. 
Start with a light load, and do 5 reps, 5 sets. I will back down on some of my weight to get the complete 5x5. Incrementally you add weight to the bar.  It starts light and you increase the weight each time.  
I have never done bar bell rows or overhead presses, until last week, but the 3 combination moves seems to make complete sense. I started lighter than the olympic bar to do the new lifts. 

I like the routine because it gets right to the point without a zillion isolation exercise (and no sit-ups- required!). (Trust me. I feel it in my core.)
This is appealing also because I like to get in and out of the gym efficiently.The program is designed for men (probably because that's who is interested). I think I have enough experience and common sense to adapt it to my needs. Since I was at a plateau with the machines and bench, I do think this will help me a lot. I have John's program and mine in an excel spread sheet. The website has lots of before and afters, I am actually starting this in the best health that I have ever been in (sorry no photo today), but still weak in many areas.

For anyone intimidated to do squat and deadlift, I say, give it a try! You may feel great! I am glad I wasn't too wimpy to try it out. It lead me to researching and finding a great work out.

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