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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Weight Lifting Update

I needed to set new goals at the gym, so I decided to start squatting and try out the deadlift.
My bench is pretty much maxed out. Will I really see measurable differences at the point I am at in the bench? Yet, I say that and I almost benched 135 twice last night (butt down). John is a good spotter, but he stole the second press from me just a little to quickly. I'll get it next time.

I do believe in starting light (for me). When I am in the gym, I watch the technique of others. I also put on some youtube videos to practice my form at home first. I like a quiet empty gym. You wouldn't know, by how I share and document my progress on facebook, for the world to see. When its time to work out, it's time to work out. I don't like showing off, thus a quiet gym is good for me. When it's time to document my progress blog/facebook is good. I get inspired by the accountability sharing provides.

Last week I started squatting with the bar, 8 reps. that's 45 pounds, but I've added weight to it, so last night my last 8 set rep was with 75 pounds. I feel it good in my quads. Since I have never done this before, I am sure in a month, the progress will be noticeable with the addition of weights.

The deadlift I felt for sure. Something that looks like such a straightforward quick move is amazingly powerful. I think I am addicted after one time. I just stuck 5 pounds on each side of the 45 pound bar for sets of 8 x3 for the first time. It worked every muscle in my body. I am glad I didn't procrastinate adding this move to the routine any longer. 

The challenge of Pilate's and yoga for strengthening my core has been good for me (hi, mom).  The combination moves my sister teaches add variety, but I like these power moves. The Pilates, yoga, and combination moves would be for variety and recovery and not the end it self. I'd love a yoga class this morning to stretch me out.

It's a perfect day for the beach and  think I will head there!


  1. deadlifts and squats are my fav!!! I can't wait to hear about the new goals you set for yourself.

  2. I know to start slow and get comfortable with technique. I've never done these before. I don't know if I'll have anything dramatic to report, but it will be great to look back on my progress.


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