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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Do I still believe in the Brewer Diet for Pregnancy?

I was just thinking about where my diet was at when I turned in Permission to Mother to the publisher. I knew I needed to do something. I was way too heavy and sedentary. Nutrition is perhaps the area I have become quite opinionated  on since publication. I had already started eating organic produce, but that wasn't enough. The only nutrition plan I knew at the time for pregnancy was the Brewer diet.

Permission to Mother: Going Beyond the Standard-of-Care to Nurture Our ChildrenIf I got pregnant now, I would stick with a raw/green smoothie diet. I'd continue with 4 cups of green smoothies daily. I'd have plenty of green veggies daily especially spinach, broccoli, kale which all have plenty of protein.

I'd probably get a variety of grains such as spelt, quinoa, millet, barley, brown rice, including fresh sprouts and beans (dry not can) and nuts. I would continue sprouting as much as I can.

I have significantly reduced the amount of eggs (but I currently I have access to local eggs at a friends), dairy, chicken and fish in my diet since publication and I would not plan to consume more animal products than I do now if I was pregnant. I actually eat very little animal products currently. I am not eating the eggs raw.

I've never been a red meat or pork eater.

When I wrote that post, I had not run into GSG or raw food yet. I wholeheartedly believe the GS/raw diet super cedes the Brewer diet.

The reason the Brewer diet works is because it probably got people off of TV dinners and boxed food and fast food. In essence his patients were shifting towards a much better diet.

Brewer includes a Vegetarian and Vegan diet option. I don't know how many of his patients did actually follow the plant-based options. 

As far a salt goes, I mostly use pristine sea salt and try the various sea salts depending on what I am making. I've rid my house of table salt. I do believe that table salt is bad for us and sea salt has a purpose in flavoring our food with the added minerals. When Obstetricians tell woman "no salt" I don't think they appreciate the difference between sea salt and table salt. I know I didn't until I started preparing foods from more wholesome recipes.

I would use a lot of hemp, chia, flax.

I would use chocolate bliss and other super foods from sunfire foods and

That said, I know in pregnancy woman get lots of cravings. This would be my intentions. I can fully support a woman in pregnancy who chose to eat vegan or vegetarian. I can support a meat eater in pregnancy, too, with choices to keep away from processed foods.

Addendum: I also would recommend fermented food. I have to remind myself now to do that!


  1. I have a question, this is all new to me so it may be silly, but how would I eat for example black beans, without cooking?? Or brown rice? You would Have to cook these things right?

  2. Yes, you would have to cook black beans and brown rice or choose not to eat them when you are doing all raw. 100% raw is an ideal. I would love to be there all the time. You just have to listen to your body and see how you feel. Raw Food Passion (see my blogroll) wrote a good post on 100% raw today.

  3. Are you familiar with Weston Price's research? If so, how do you reconcile the low-to-no-animal foods-based diet with his observations regarding pregnancy, birth, and breastfeeding?


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