Join me as a try to feed my family lots of Raw and Superfood. I like to write about the edible garden, exercise, and learning to love my natural expression. I am a Family Practice Physician and believe there are alternatives approaches to feeling your best.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Sunfire Foods Superfoods Quick Start Video

I use Sunfirefoods Superfood Products. I love Chocolate Bliss, Fiesta Mole, and the Salt. I've been using these since last May. Now David Favor discusses them in a quick start guide. You may check out the other pages on my blog for more information.

My office store is well stocked in chocolate bliss in the old packaging. By March 10th I will place a new order packaged as seen in the video. Contact me or the office for pre-orders.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Weight Lifting Update

I needed to set new goals at the gym, so I decided to start squatting and try out the deadlift.
My bench is pretty much maxed out. Will I really see measurable differences at the point I am at in the bench? Yet, I say that and I almost benched 135 twice last night (butt down). John is a good spotter, but he stole the second press from me just a little to quickly. I'll get it next time.

I do believe in starting light (for me). When I am in the gym, I watch the technique of others. I also put on some youtube videos to practice my form at home first. I like a quiet empty gym. You wouldn't know, by how I share and document my progress on facebook, for the world to see. When its time to work out, it's time to work out. I don't like showing off, thus a quiet gym is good for me. When it's time to document my progress blog/facebook is good. I get inspired by the accountability sharing provides.

Last week I started squatting with the bar, 8 reps. that's 45 pounds, but I've added weight to it, so last night my last 8 set rep was with 75 pounds. I feel it good in my quads. Since I have never done this before, I am sure in a month, the progress will be noticeable with the addition of weights.

The deadlift I felt for sure. Something that looks like such a straightforward quick move is amazingly powerful. I think I am addicted after one time. I just stuck 5 pounds on each side of the 45 pound bar for sets of 8 x3 for the first time. It worked every muscle in my body. I am glad I didn't procrastinate adding this move to the routine any longer. 

The challenge of Pilate's and yoga for strengthening my core has been good for me (hi, mom).  The combination moves my sister teaches add variety, but I like these power moves. The Pilates, yoga, and combination moves would be for variety and recovery and not the end it self. I'd love a yoga class this morning to stretch me out.

It's a perfect day for the beach and  think I will head there!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Officially Finished Dress Your Truth for my Type 3

I finished the Dress Your Truth Course for my type this afternoon. I have always hated shopping. I have always hated getting dressed in the morning and picking out the right clothes for me. I got interested as I watched two Raw friends (both natural beauties) go through the course and I saw two natural beauties become even more stunning.

As I watched the DYT videos on youtube, I like how the founder Carol Tuttle, debunks a lot of fashion industry myths out there. I have always been concerned about how industry negatively affects  mothers on the way we breastfeeding, birth and the way we raise our children. Carol has comparable thoughts on how the fashion industry hurts woman's overall self esteems. That spoke to me. The other thing that spoke to me is how woman will pay thousands for plastic surgery fixing features that are their unique traits, but she applies it in a way that with the right outward expression (clothes) those flaws become beauty marks, so to speak. I pray that as I age, my vanity doesn't cave in to the plastic surgeons.

From what I learned, I feel like I may be able to pick out clothes that will last me a long time, look good on me, and go with the the wardrobe I am building. Carol teaches if you are dressing your truth your clothes will empower your natural inner energy and movement.

I found a peacock blue shirt at Chico's, last week, before I finished the course. I KNEW it was me. It's a color only my type can wear. The compliments I got were amazing: radiating, eye candy. Yes, someone very animated called ME, eye candy. haha. John noticed how it matched my eyes. Although eye matching is not an element in this course, John went out and matched his eye color and found some stunning jade green for him (him doing that was a huge compliment).

Anyway, I felt really good in that color. It got me thinking of a previous time in my life I felt VERY empowered. I was wearing (and I purposely chose to wear it knowing it suit me, but not aware of the full extent of how it suit me)  a peacock blue textured cover-up while I labored and birthed my breech son at home.  Without a doubt that shade of blue is MY blue (could I have birth him in a undermining hospital gown, or a granny gown? Makes you wonder how important clothes are.). Fortunately I never threw the top out. I still wear it around the house a lot. My birth analogy makes me think how effective what we wear is. I am encouraged to pursue the fashion lessons I have learned.

I put my black office clothes away. I'd rather wear clothes that exagerat my eye color, highlights, and angles of my face and minimize my "beauty marks."

My house interior is done in rich dynamic colors. In hindsight, we decorated way before DYT, I am glad it worked that way, although, I had no clue what I was doing. I could wear almost all my upolstry or my paint colors, which is great! There is very little black or silver in my house. The metals are the right metals.The cherry wood is perfect.

I've been shopping over the past few weeks as I have watched the videos, but I will confidently continue to combine clothes I have as dress now that I am official.

I am trying to figure out my boys. John, Scott, and William, are all much slower in movement  than me. John and Scott  insist they don't fit in a category of personality types. But I am leaning them towards 4/2 because of that claim. Black/white, all/none, happy go lucky/raged. On the good side the type 4 student is an easy student. Motivated by grades. Finally Scott has something academic on his side to ease my home school burden. William not sure yet. 2 maybe? David ?? I am realizing why I have to nag everyone to get things done.

A fashion test? Yes.
Personality test? Yes.
Relationship Insight? Definately.
I'm looking forward to more DYT videos and on-line classes and learning.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Today's Edible Garden

It may not look like much, but I am pretty proud of my container garden this winter. This is the first time, I've accomplished this much growing. It's on my porch near my front door and very accessible.
 Fennel, brocolli, celery, dandelion, cilantro, arugula, cherry tomatao, kale,
(chard and ginger hidden in back)
A few ornamental flowers
 collard, aloe, flowering kale (dark) hanging strawberry, dill
 Rosemary, lettuce varieties, oregeno
 lots of kale!
mint (and something that should have been cropped)
I turned the boys train table upside down and have a square foot garden, too!
Tomato, kale, chard, lactino kale, flowering kale

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Do I still believe in the Brewer Diet for Pregnancy?

I was just thinking about where my diet was at when I turned in Permission to Mother to the publisher. I knew I needed to do something. I was way too heavy and sedentary. Nutrition is perhaps the area I have become quite opinionated  on since publication. I had already started eating organic produce, but that wasn't enough. The only nutrition plan I knew at the time for pregnancy was the Brewer diet.

Permission to Mother: Going Beyond the Standard-of-Care to Nurture Our ChildrenIf I got pregnant now, I would stick with a raw/green smoothie diet. I'd continue with 4 cups of green smoothies daily. I'd have plenty of green veggies daily especially spinach, broccoli, kale which all have plenty of protein.

I'd probably get a variety of grains such as spelt, quinoa, millet, barley, brown rice, including fresh sprouts and beans (dry not can) and nuts. I would continue sprouting as much as I can.

I have significantly reduced the amount of eggs (but I currently I have access to local eggs at a friends), dairy, chicken and fish in my diet since publication and I would not plan to consume more animal products than I do now if I was pregnant. I actually eat very little animal products currently. I am not eating the eggs raw.

I've never been a red meat or pork eater.

When I wrote that post, I had not run into GSG or raw food yet. I wholeheartedly believe the GS/raw diet super cedes the Brewer diet.

The reason the Brewer diet works is because it probably got people off of TV dinners and boxed food and fast food. In essence his patients were shifting towards a much better diet.

Brewer includes a Vegetarian and Vegan diet option. I don't know how many of his patients did actually follow the plant-based options. 

As far a salt goes, I mostly use pristine sea salt and try the various sea salts depending on what I am making. I've rid my house of table salt. I do believe that table salt is bad for us and sea salt has a purpose in flavoring our food with the added minerals. When Obstetricians tell woman "no salt" I don't think they appreciate the difference between sea salt and table salt. I know I didn't until I started preparing foods from more wholesome recipes.

I would use a lot of hemp, chia, flax.

I would use chocolate bliss and other super foods from sunfire foods and

That said, I know in pregnancy woman get lots of cravings. This would be my intentions. I can fully support a woman in pregnancy who chose to eat vegan or vegetarian. I can support a meat eater in pregnancy, too, with choices to keep away from processed foods.

Addendum: I also would recommend fermented food. I have to remind myself now to do that!
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