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Saturday, January 1, 2011

January 1, 2011

I like filling my plate up with greens.
I like how I feel when I eat greens
I like picking greens and fruit out of my own and grandma's garden and yard (so does David).
I find it filling and satisfying eating a plate of greens.
I am regularly soaking seeds and nuts.
In one year my access to greens and superfoods has increased enormously. I thought it was great before.

Green smoothies, vitamineral greens (and many products), Chocolate bliss, Sun Warrior Protein Shakes, hemp, chia, flax, and raw leafy greens are all a significant part of my nutritional intake on a regular basis. I am stocked on raw almonds, raw walnuts, hemp, cashew, and sesame and sunflower seeds. We are making our own mylks (and treats) out of all these nuts and ingredients. Scott's favorite is coconut mylk from organic flakes.

I might even over-indulge on all this good stuff (b/c like everyone else, I think I should be fitter, leaner, all much more quickly). I have learned how to make many delicious things right in my own BlendTec and dehydrator. My husband jokes that to use the stove he has to turn the circuit breaker back on.

Today I've juiced oranges and grapefruit together and added banana, vitamineral greens and sunwarrior proteinfor a total of 4 cups. I clipped mixed greens from my garden and added tomatoes and my own "sun dried" and sunflower seeds. John had this, too. But also had a Cuban.

I thought I was doing pretty good when I started last year. I am really set now. And I still have plenty of ideas to keep my eating variety going. I have to keep reminding myself of my progress. And be honest.

Last year at this time I just started going to the gym for cardio and I didn't even pick up a weight till May. I like bench press, as you know. I mixed the rest up my weight work out with machines and dumbbells, and my own body resistance. I do low weight high reps some days. I max out other days. I lift three times a week. I try to rotate the muscle group I emphasize, although I work each muscle group each time. Bench is the only one I really measure my progress. I am starting this year with being able to bench 100 pounds x 8 times, and 135 x1 time.  I look forward to tracking my continued progress.

I look forward to repeating an intracellular vitamin analysis sometime soon. I am thinking it should look pretty good. I had a few viral episodes just before getting my test results back earlier this year. I have been well since. I had one rash... shingles... as soon as I realized what it was, I made sure I had greens and it was looking better the next day. I thought it was a strange virus for someone as "healthy" as me to get, but a week before my Grandma died and I was definitely out of my routine and had spent 6 nights away from my kids in two weeks.

Speaking of progress, I am 2 sizes in dress and pants than I was this time last year. I think my feet are smaller too. :)

So I really like what I am doing. I don't feel like I am suffering or missing out on anything. I do try new things. I tasted most everything prepared in my house over the holidays unless it had mammal meat in it, but I do really like the New Year when the overindulgent holidays are behind and many people are open to change. I should enjoy January a lot.

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  1. I have found sometimes rashes and even shingles virus can come out from cleansing syptoms. I think some viruses can be stored in our bodies and a strong immune system keeps them under control until the body is ready to release them. Not 100% sure about that but it could be a possibility.

    You are doing amazing things! Thanks for keeping me so inspired! And man would I love to be harvesting fruits and greens right now!


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