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Saturday, January 22, 2011

More Style Makeover

I am plugging along with my high-raw eating. I haven't really tried any new recipes lately. I am staying in the comfort zones of  recipes and ingredients I am familiar with. It's easy now, I've been doing it long enough to keep the momentum going.

It feels good to be able to experiment with my clothing now that I am at a comfortable weight. (Not that being over-weight and unconditioned should mean I don't dress well, it just added another layer of challenge.)

I am a little biased thinking that a baby in a sling is the BEST and most feminine accessory. With all the testosterone in my house, and no babies, the only feminine "space" I have is what I am wearing on my body.

I have tried pulling together more styles and grab a co-operative semi-professional photographer on the spot. This first shirt, I got in the fall at Stein-mart. I thought it looked a little Halloween-y (Can you find the jack-o-lanterns?). But I keep getting compliments on the color, especially when I found the matching shoes (below). My mom is the photographer here. The yard is hers. 

In this photo my mom helped me pick out the shirt and (earth-tone) bead necklace. I wore it with brown slacks. David is my photographer (on our dock) and he couldn't hold the camera straight which I think worked to the photo's advantage. The shirt and necklace are from Chico's. I was in Chico's finding clothes for the boy's upcoming Bar Mitzvah celebration. It was a successful mission as I found clothes, I will be able to wear again and again. (No "formal" dress wear selected, yeah, that I owuld never wear again!) But I am keeping my weekend clothes safe on hangers till then. :)

The denim shirt below is an old one. I haven't worn it in years. I am wearing it with new Chico's pants and a necklace and belt from Stein-mart. Scott is the photographer here. In place of a baby, I have a dog to match my accessories.
You've noticed that dogs and owners seem to match? Max must be my type.

To John's disappointment, I may ask my hair stylist how she would change my hair if I give her more lee-way. I have an upcoming appointment. John likes me to grow my hair long, but my hair gets straggly, not long. John may have to deal with me getting 3-4 inches cut off. Trust me on how straggly my hair is this length. It stayed in place a minute for a picture.

My glasses are actually broken and I have to deal with picking out new frames too. "Taped-together" frames is the ultimate fashion accessory-not. And I confess, I am wearing a drop of make-up. I've always hated wearing make-up, but my mom finally dragged me into Ulta kicking and resisting to get a few basics for zitty day coverage. I much prefer skin cleansing from the inside out, but it isn't always enough. 

Now that I got some momentum going with this, I am eager to match up some more clothes from my closet in ways I wouldn't have thought to before.

It's interesting for me to see all my "profile" photos in one album on facebook, to see what colors I am drawn to or see how one color stands out amongst the rest as a fave or not.


  1. Cute clothes! Isn't it great to be able to treat yourself to that? If you think you are a Type 3, then look for funky, chunky hairstyles for a new do! :)

  2. Thank Trish! I've noticed the funky, chunky look of Type 3 and I am wondering what to do with my straighter than straight flat thin hair. My hair actually looks chunky for my hair in these photos. Really.

    My appointments next Thursday...

  3. Haircut done...
    John said my newest blue shirt brought made my eyes stand out.


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