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Friday, January 28, 2011

Any Lurkers?

I know this is a very small blog, but since it's personal blog
I am curious if I have any lurkers! I'm honored and glad you are here. Please come out of hiding if you haven't let me know yet you are following.

Does attempting to feed your family Raw mean that the kids never have the pleasure of licking out bowls. This guy who won't let me get a photo of him, loves licking out my blender after I make cheezy sauce for kale chips. If I have enough left-over, he asks for celery to get down into the BlendTec. He licked out my banana bread bowl this afternoon (post tomorrow hopefully). He has the opportunity to lick plenty of bowls, but lately is camera shy.

He also LOVES peaking in my dehydrator to see what's in there and snacking from the trays.

Raw food diets CAN bring traditional small pleasures to children.


  1. Hi Denise, I more regularly read Permission to Mother, but enjoy this from time to time as well, particularly as my family and I are trying to eat mostly vegan and lots of raw (thanks, indirectly, to what you've shared along the way!).
    I have a question that I've been wanting to ask. I remember a post on PTM in which you talked about how you'd do pregnancy if you ever were pregnant again, and you said you'd follow the Brewer Diet. I'm curious to know if that still holds true, or - with your food revelations - you would downplay the need for protein that the Brewer Diet advocates for. I have one son and I at least nominally followed Brewer. I'm hoping to be pregnant again in the near future, and am contemplating how to eat then. I know I won't be downing gallons of milk and blocks of cheese like last time, but I'm thinking that plant-based protein is still important... would love to know your thoughts!
    Thanks for blogging.

  2. Hi Kate, I was just thinking about this today!

    I would stick with a raw/greensmoothiegirl diet if I was pregnant. (I may have edited that post, I will check.)
    I'd have veggies especially spinach, brocolli, kale have plenty of protein.

    I'd probably get a variety of grains such as spelt, quinoa, millet, barley, brown rice, including fresh sprouts and beans (dry not can) and nuts. I wouldcontinue sprouting as much as I can.

    Enriched flour is not a grain and I would continue to eliminate that the best I could.

    I have significantly reduced the amount of eggs (but I currently I have access to local eggs at a friends), dairy, chicken and fish in my diet since I started GSG and I would not plan to consume more animal products if I was pregnant. I actually eat vey little animal products currently.

    I've never been a red meat or pork eater.

    When I wrote that post, I had not run into GSG yet. I wholeheartitly believe the GSG diet supercedes the Brewer diet.

    The reason the Brewer diet works is because it probably got people off of TV dinners and boxed food and fast food. In essense his patients were shifting towards a much better diet.

    Brewer includes a Vegetarian and Vegan diet option. The link isn't working for me now. I don't know how many of his patients did actually follow the plant-based options. I wish Brewer could reconcile and update his plans himself. I am sure he would. As far a salt goes, I mostly use pristine sea salt and try the various sea salts depending on what I am making. I've rid my house of table salt. I do believe that table salt is bad for us and sea salt has a purpose in flavoring our food with the added minerals. When Obstetricians tell woman "no salt" I don't think they even know the difference between sea salt and table salt. I know I didn't until I started preparing foods from more wholesome recipes.

    I would use a lot of hemp, chia, flax.
    I would use chocolate bliss and other foods from sunfire foods and

    That said, I know in pregnancy woman get lots of cravings. This would be my intentions. I can fully support a woman in pregnacy who chose to eat vegan or vegetarian.

    I hope I've answered your questions!

  3. You definitely did, thank you. I appreciate your sharing of knowledge!


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