Join me as a try to feed my family lots of Raw and Superfood. I like to write about the edible garden, exercise, and learning to love my natural expression. I am a Family Practice Physician and believe there are alternatives approaches to feeling your best.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Any Lurkers?

I know this is a very small blog, but since it's personal blog
I am curious if I have any lurkers! I'm honored and glad you are here. Please come out of hiding if you haven't let me know yet you are following.

Does attempting to feed your family Raw mean that the kids never have the pleasure of licking out bowls. This guy who won't let me get a photo of him, loves licking out my blender after I make cheezy sauce for kale chips. If I have enough left-over, he asks for celery to get down into the BlendTec. He licked out my banana bread bowl this afternoon (post tomorrow hopefully). He has the opportunity to lick plenty of bowls, but lately is camera shy.

He also LOVES peaking in my dehydrator to see what's in there and snacking from the trays.

Raw food diets CAN bring traditional small pleasures to children.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

No Whey!

I like benchpressing. And I am good at it. That's what I get for being born with big arms. My arms are certainly not over developed, just big. No, I don't use they whey protein they market at the gym. I am not on anabolic steriods either. Most of my proteins are raw vegan and some locally raised chicken eggs (that eat my scraps!) I have my best gym perfomances with something light in my stomach like Bliss. I am able to bench 135 twice in one evening, but I have to take a small break in between my two- one rep wonders. Just a month ago, I was struggling to get 135 once. My strength is increasing fast. The ladies in the spinning class tonight were talking about the whey protein tonight. It got me thinking no whey for me.

After reading about Trish's experiences with chocolate bliss on her blog and researching it further at, I decided I wanted to try it and I ordered some from her.

Already convinced without a doubt, that raw is the way to go for optimal health, what appealed to me about Chocolate Bliss especially was the convenience of  raw ingredients and that my kids would like this.

I've been using Bliss since the end of May. I drink approx 2 cups a day. It's delicious! ( I heard the whey is not unless it's mixed with ice cream. Doesn't that defeat the purpose of working out and taking whey?) I didn't have to give up cocao and sweetness. I still drink 4 cups of green smoothie on most days. With a salad (a green smoothie, and the greens in my Bliss) that adds up to lots of raw greens per day. I have further learned that Bliss is very easy to make with any blender. Mixed, it stores well in the refrigerator, so it something I can leave for my kids on days I am away. 

It also travels well and I can take it with me to work or on over-nighters.  Chocolate Bliss disguises greens in powder form.  My kids are getting super greens (alfalfa, dandelion), blue-green algae, adaptogens and have no idea. Have you seen William, how he is trimming down?

Everyone I share it with in my home and office has enjoyed it. It's given me something to offer house guests that they will like ( I've never liked cooking.) and I know they will be better off for. 

With all the upcoming company at my house, I decided that Bliss and other Sunfire Superfoods will be available at my house (and you'll get to try it.). I want to continue to teach people about Raw food. If you're overweight, diabetic, on coumadin, have colitis, diverticulitis, food sensitivities, arthritis, head aches, etc, etc... we need to talk more. :) If you are pregnant or breastfeeding you can benefit from Raw foods and Superfoods.

My friends and patients ask me what vitamins, vegan proteins, and supplements I recommend. I decided to partner with so we (C and P) can provide locals access to the products. I've had mixed feelings about promoting nutritional products. I feel like I found a good one. I want it for myself and my family. I like that it is good for me.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

More Style Makeover

I am plugging along with my high-raw eating. I haven't really tried any new recipes lately. I am staying in the comfort zones of  recipes and ingredients I am familiar with. It's easy now, I've been doing it long enough to keep the momentum going.

It feels good to be able to experiment with my clothing now that I am at a comfortable weight. (Not that being over-weight and unconditioned should mean I don't dress well, it just added another layer of challenge.)

I am a little biased thinking that a baby in a sling is the BEST and most feminine accessory. With all the testosterone in my house, and no babies, the only feminine "space" I have is what I am wearing on my body.

I have tried pulling together more styles and grab a co-operative semi-professional photographer on the spot. This first shirt, I got in the fall at Stein-mart. I thought it looked a little Halloween-y (Can you find the jack-o-lanterns?). But I keep getting compliments on the color, especially when I found the matching shoes (below). My mom is the photographer here. The yard is hers. 

In this photo my mom helped me pick out the shirt and (earth-tone) bead necklace. I wore it with brown slacks. David is my photographer (on our dock) and he couldn't hold the camera straight which I think worked to the photo's advantage. The shirt and necklace are from Chico's. I was in Chico's finding clothes for the boy's upcoming Bar Mitzvah celebration. It was a successful mission as I found clothes, I will be able to wear again and again. (No "formal" dress wear selected, yeah, that I owuld never wear again!) But I am keeping my weekend clothes safe on hangers till then. :)

The denim shirt below is an old one. I haven't worn it in years. I am wearing it with new Chico's pants and a necklace and belt from Stein-mart. Scott is the photographer here. In place of a baby, I have a dog to match my accessories.
You've noticed that dogs and owners seem to match? Max must be my type.

To John's disappointment, I may ask my hair stylist how she would change my hair if I give her more lee-way. I have an upcoming appointment. John likes me to grow my hair long, but my hair gets straggly, not long. John may have to deal with me getting 3-4 inches cut off. Trust me on how straggly my hair is this length. It stayed in place a minute for a picture.

My glasses are actually broken and I have to deal with picking out new frames too. "Taped-together" frames is the ultimate fashion accessory-not. And I confess, I am wearing a drop of make-up. I've always hated wearing make-up, but my mom finally dragged me into Ulta kicking and resisting to get a few basics for zitty day coverage. I much prefer skin cleansing from the inside out, but it isn't always enough. 

Now that I got some momentum going with this, I am eager to match up some more clothes from my closet in ways I wouldn't have thought to before.

It's interesting for me to see all my "profile" photos in one album on facebook, to see what colors I am drawn to or see how one color stands out amongst the rest as a fave or not.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Wardrobe Make-over

This past August most everything in my closet was too big on me and I had a few occasions to be dressed up to look forward too. I always dressed plain and practical as a mother of three boys. It has to be easy to wash. I like modest at the office, (skirts below the knees, sensible neck line, 3/4 sleeves. Also sleeves because its often cold in the office). I am able to wear any color, but it's style that hard to deal with when you are over-weight. So I ended up with mostly baggy tents. Being overweight made it impossible for me to find descent things. A lot of "fashion" clothes IMO is sleazy and not sensible for the office.

I went shopping with my mother who has much more fashion sense then me. Quite by accident the shopping, started when I tried on two simple yoga skirts on Sport Authority. One gray, one black. Simple lines. The right length.  Nothing bulky. When I looked in the mirror I couldn't believe it was me and that I actually fit in something! My mom was taken back also with my delight. Recently I hadn't been shopping with her. She's too skinny. I did need to find suitable blouses to wear with the skirts. We headed off to Steinmart to find co-ordinating tops.
My mother could be a personal shopper. She pulled so much off the racks and quickly for me to try on. She knows how to make coupons work. It's the first time in a long time, I liked how I looked in almost everything. What we liked the most for the office, was still in my modest comfort zone, but with more layers (vests) and embellishments (studs and beads), a hint of animal skin in the background (note the vest and the skirt below), but not  bold animal print. I picked up a few pants. For home I like to be comfortable and sleeveless. I am fine with tanks, shorts and, pants at home, the gym, and when I am with John. I picked out a few fashionable tanks that looked like more than gym clothes or yard clothes.

She also picked out wedge heels for me! At my heaviest I couldn't even fit in a woman's shoe and was buying flat sandals and men shoes at Dillards. I wore men's sandals for about 3-4 years.  I was almost nervous to report to work with such a shift. I am loving it. I feel so much more confident. Getting a new wardrobe as you trim down and tone up is a big deal. Getting used to yourself isn't always easy.

Not to long after my wardrobe make-over, my blog mentors Green Smoothie Girl and Trish both had Dress your Truth make-overs.  The DYT program is about identifying your energy style and subsequently knowing what kind of clothes suit you. I've actually done personality profiling long before and could spot what I am and what I am not in fashion languague. I am not soft and subtle (2) and I am not pretty girlie (1). In college I called type 1's sorority girls. I could never wear bows and ruffles. That leaves me a (3) professional or (4) bold. My disclaimer is that with all due respect, I've not done the DYT course yet, but my friends' post and make-overs came at such a time I could identify so much. IMO opinion I lean towards a 3, but could make 4 work for me as well. I can wear pastels as an accessory piece with the other clothing professional or  bold. I do look forward to learning more about DYT in time.

My mother had even gone through my closet when we got home and paired up shirts, belts, vests, in ways I didn't think would work. Without her knowing these types (she has never heard of DYT), she is more of a fashion expert than me. With all this information, I am able to make the clothes in my closet work for me now. But also now I am seeing how a busy print can be toned down with a solid vest, for example.

My friends' make-overs included hair and make-up and more. At that time I had let all my bleach blond highlights grow out to the straggly light brown natural color. Now, I have a few very soft highlights in the front. I like the more natural look with just a few highlights. I am not planning to go back to all over highlights.  I go to an experienced hair stylist and have always had an expert opinion on my hair if I kept it up.

I don't wear (much) make-up. I struggle with being all natural vs the make-up thing. I would like to go for a make-over some where to at least know the options for making my skin tones even, maybe a little neutral blush, eye shadow, and gloss. I know I would never wear more than those. I haven't had time to look into it. I know if someone puts eyeliner and mascara on me, I would hate it. I hate black streaks under my eyes all day. That holds me back from a learning about any make-over because I have a feeling once you start, you can't stop.

I hardly wear jewelry. Mostly it breaks, so I keep it simple. (only a star-of- David necklace, and I haven't changed my small earrings in 100 years, sometimes I don't wear earring's.) Big necklaces like suggested to my friends would be in my way. I don't have scarves-- in my way and too hot. We bought some big belts and stylish neck lines. As I am writing this, I am thinking about getting one of my Grandmother's rings fixed. Whoo hooo. Maybe I'll even get another star-of david necklace so I have options.

I have always tended to get solid brown and solid black skirts or shirts if I found one I liked and then it would be practical if I ever found a print to wear with it.  That line of thinking still seems sensible and true to my style as long as there is one prominent other color. I am always cold at the office and I have always told myself I want more sweaters.  Now I have another reason, is that layers suit me!   The photo above is what I wore to the office today. I was cold. I would like a 3/4 sleeve fitted T for under the vest. (Now I have muscles, I am kind of modest about my tremendous arms. ) That's my gray yoga skirt. This below picture is the day my mother helped me in my closet. Old skirt with knew cowl neck. Previously I was wearing the skirt with a solid black top with a shine to it. Much better now. I have an outer sweater for that, and the belt goes well with both outfits. I love it and wore it earlier this week.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

January 1, 2011

I like filling my plate up with greens.
I like how I feel when I eat greens
I like picking greens and fruit out of my own and grandma's garden and yard (so does David).
I find it filling and satisfying eating a plate of greens.
I am regularly soaking seeds and nuts.
In one year my access to greens and superfoods has increased enormously. I thought it was great before.

Green smoothies, vitamineral greens (and many products), Chocolate bliss, Sun Warrior Protein Shakes, hemp, chia, flax, and raw leafy greens are all a significant part of my nutritional intake on a regular basis. I am stocked on raw almonds, raw walnuts, hemp, cashew, and sesame and sunflower seeds. We are making our own mylks (and treats) out of all these nuts and ingredients. Scott's favorite is coconut mylk from organic flakes.

I might even over-indulge on all this good stuff (b/c like everyone else, I think I should be fitter, leaner, all much more quickly). I have learned how to make many delicious things right in my own BlendTec and dehydrator. My husband jokes that to use the stove he has to turn the circuit breaker back on.

Today I've juiced oranges and grapefruit together and added banana, vitamineral greens and sunwarrior proteinfor a total of 4 cups. I clipped mixed greens from my garden and added tomatoes and my own "sun dried" and sunflower seeds. John had this, too. But also had a Cuban.

I thought I was doing pretty good when I started last year. I am really set now. And I still have plenty of ideas to keep my eating variety going. I have to keep reminding myself of my progress. And be honest.

Last year at this time I just started going to the gym for cardio and I didn't even pick up a weight till May. I like bench press, as you know. I mixed the rest up my weight work out with machines and dumbbells, and my own body resistance. I do low weight high reps some days. I max out other days. I lift three times a week. I try to rotate the muscle group I emphasize, although I work each muscle group each time. Bench is the only one I really measure my progress. I am starting this year with being able to bench 100 pounds x 8 times, and 135 x1 time.  I look forward to tracking my continued progress.

I look forward to repeating an intracellular vitamin analysis sometime soon. I am thinking it should look pretty good. I had a few viral episodes just before getting my test results back earlier this year. I have been well since. I had one rash... shingles... as soon as I realized what it was, I made sure I had greens and it was looking better the next day. I thought it was a strange virus for someone as "healthy" as me to get, but a week before my Grandma died and I was definitely out of my routine and had spent 6 nights away from my kids in two weeks.

Speaking of progress, I am 2 sizes in dress and pants than I was this time last year. I think my feet are smaller too. :)

So I really like what I am doing. I don't feel like I am suffering or missing out on anything. I do try new things. I tasted most everything prepared in my house over the holidays unless it had mammal meat in it, but I do really like the New Year when the overindulgent holidays are behind and many people are open to change. I should enjoy January a lot.

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