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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Travel Prepared

It's been a while since John and I gone out of town and not just to visit relatives. This time it was a required conference and some things have changed as far as our food requirements. John had always researched the restaurants in an area to find out who was known regionally for their food. We made sure we went there and you made made sure you went to as many as possible. Good food= Good time. Infact he didn't really care if he did anything else but eat. That won't work for us anymore unless we want to weigh 500 pounds combined.

First, I had packed a good bit of fruit, salad, sprouted nuts and seeds. I mixed chocolate bliss ahead of time. It stays well. I brought along 1/2 gallon of local orange juice to mix with my super greens and/or protein powder in my shaker container (David calls it my no-electric blender).

I downloaded files from to listen to superfood lectures on the way.

We planned ahead to get a mini-suite with fridge to store our food.

We stopped at Harris Teeter and picked up Earthbound Organic herb salad mix. It was a delicious mix. We wanted to bring some home.

We looked for the Farmer's Market on Saturday and left our meeting to catch the end of the market. I looked for things that would be new to me. I found sprouted sunflower seeds. The kind done on soil. The sprouts made a wonderful addition to our herb salad. I had brought my own salad dressing. I have never had these kind of sunflower sprouts and they are sooooo good, I must learn how to do it myself. Any ideas? Also John liked it. I thought they looked like purslane and perhaps now I can sneak some on to our salads at home.  I got some rawnola for my mylk when I get home from Organic Planet in St. Augustine who e set up at the market.

The downtown area of Fernandina Beach has flowering kale all over as ornamental. I  got to get a few mature purple plants at the market which will probably be eaten soon after I get home.

All this and all I had to do was to agree to go out once to eat a good restaurant. AND I plan to thoroughly enjoy it. But get this. John asked for a big salad in our room before we went to the restaurant.  He KNEW there was no way he would get a salad as big as the ones we make!

Fortunately our conference provided lots of fresh fruit and the hotel had some continental (yuck) breakfast choices for John.

We made it a point to walk each day and go to the gym once.

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