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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

That Pie Recipe

The crust is easy 1 part Nuts:1 part Dates. Easy! Press it in a pie dish. Freezing helps set it!  This time I use activated almonds and, dates.

The pie has a million variations. I made chocolate bliss. Per gallon of bliss I used 1 1/2 cups Chocolate bliss and I cup of Sunfire foods Vanilla Agave. I probably added tocos. Doesn't matter. I did not add any super green powder to this mixture like I usually add to my bliss drink.

I separated out 2 cups of chocolate bliss from the gallon and added 2/3 cup chia. This particular batch of pie filling I added organic coconut flakes to the mix, but I think I prefer it without the coconut. The chia absorbs the liquid and turns it into pudding consistency. I never have a reason to buy instant pudding ever again.  This is the best. Also on another page someone asked me where to get chia flour and a lucky taster commented on the seedy consistency of the pudding. I suppose if I ground the chia seed in my BlendTec, and added it as flour I would have a smooth pudding/filling. Probably worth this step if I am serving it to newbies, but for my boys and me I wouldn't bother. The rest of the bliss we enjoyed as a filling healthy beverage. The pie and pudding is as healthy as can be with hemp, raw cacao, carob, and a bunch of other superfoods in the bliss mix.

After the liquid has firmed to pudding. Poor it into your crust. I topped my pie with with coconut flakes and raspberries, but you can top it with anything.

In a "nut"shell:

Crust- 1 part nuts/ 1 part dates
Filling- chocolate bliss pudding
Toppings- anything you want

The beautiful pie never got served on the holiday dessert table. As you probably know by now after Thanksgiving dinner we packed and went to the hospital. The pie went with me to Orlando and became a mess. But it made a quick healthy treat during breaks from hospital visits while I was out of town.


  1. Wow, great idea! I have never thought of doing that before! Now that I have more chia seeds too, I'm going to be all set!

  2. Trish, When you make a bliss/chia pie, I'd love to know about your success!


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