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Monday, December 27, 2010

Back on track after holidays...

The indulgent holidays are almost done. Whew. There is a lot to be said for other holidays that are about sacrifice and giving up luxuries... like food... materialism.... I stuck to my guns through the first part of the month, but I knew the good cooks were coming to my house and it would be near impossible to resist temptation. I had a plan.

All in all, I had my two handfuls of greens every day (even on the days I planned to indulge),  usually one in smoothie form, one in salad form. Sometimes my smoothies include spinach greens, but I am going through a phase enjoying the various super green powdered mixes available for smoothies. Most days I had some chocolate bliss. I never had soda, ham/pork(gag), red meat, store bought cookies/chocolate or alcohol. I did pretty good. Most indulgent foods I ate were still from ingredients I picked out. I started every day this month with 4 cups of citrus-y green smoothie. It certainly controls my appetite. I had big salads with each meal. With company gone, which I really did enjoy, and having my kitchen stocked up with so much superfood  and citrus (it is citrus season), I set myself up to get right back on track. I had placed a big healthforce order and I am eager to try recipes and smoothies including their products. I had made plenty of seasons nuts and I successfully made my own rawnola. My mom actually liked it and took some home!  By the way, this was a good chance to share green smoothies, banana/hemp/maca smoothies, nuts, rawnola, with lots of people.

One day, I didn't feel too great after eating.  It quickly reminds me to go back to my healthful ways. I am quick to put on weight. I think I held my own this time. I may have gained some weight, but John says I am building muscle and will gain weight, I posted on my facebook that I finally benched 135 pounds on the day that I did. One would conclude you do build muscle to move that much weight.???.  Since I am wearing "winter" clothes, it's hard to say... maybe I need to slip on my shorts (that I wore last month) and get honest with myself. This week, I can plan some extra days in my schedule to do cardio. I like being around people this upcoming season who are especially centered on fitness and nutrition because it (being self-centered), really helps me out a lot.


  1. Wow! Way to go! I want to hear more about your Rawnola do you have a really good recipe? I have wanted to try making some for the longest time! I just keep procrastinating. I'm not doing so great with my green smoothies either since it's sooo cold here I'm way to hit and miss. Thanks for being so inspiring!

  2. I improvised on the rawnola and combined a few recipes based on my accumulitive experience. I'll put that in another post.

    One thing that helps me with smoothies when its cold (and it's not nearly as cold here as anywhere else...) is to use frozen bananas instead of ice. I find ice adds a particular chill that frozen bananas don't. I buy tons of bananas and freeze them in slices. If I am making a green smoothie for myself I use one banana. If I am making a white smoothie for the family like banana/hemp, I use 6 bananas.

    Lately I have some green powders and blending it with OJ (in season here) to make my "smoothie." Perhaps you can use apple juice or another favorite juice. It make still be liquid, not smoothie, but it would be a great way to get your morning handful of greens in.

  3. Denise, you are correct, I do like the granola/rawnola. I will declare here and now that this be like when you were younger and I gave you a subsctiption to Seventeen magazine. I think I continued to renew it every year for about 10 years. So my point is, I like it so keep me in supply!

  4. Mom, As long as I can reproduce the rawnola... and I think I can... I will keep you with a supply. Glad you like it.


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