Join me as a try to feed my family lots of Raw and Superfood. I like to write about the edible garden, exercise, and learning to love my natural expression. I am a Family Practice Physician and believe there are alternatives approaches to feeling your best.

Thursday, December 30, 2010


I gave up making granola years ago. It burnt in the oven at a low temperature before I could get it dry. The kids didn't eat it either. I assumed since I did not add sugar to the granola, I was not going to get anything satisfactory. At the time it wasn't worth pursuing anymore. Sometimes (ok- often) I would settle for some store bought, but higher quality sweetened granola. The task of making my own raw granola seemed daunting to get all the ingredients and soak and dehydrate.

Recently, I mastered making my own mylks and thought how nice to have a cereal to go with it.

Then more recently, I picked up Rawnola at the Farmer's Market in Fernandina beach by Blue Planet in St. Augustine. It tasted better than any store bought. Now that I have been soaking and dehydrating nuts and seeds for over 2 years the task didn't seem to overwhelming. I am pretty much stocked up on what I would need. I thought if they could make this, I could!

Their ingredients:

spouted almonds ( I already had soaked and dehydrated)
walnuts ( I already had soaked and dehydrated)
sunflower seeds ( I already had soaked and dehydrated)
pumkin - could get from Publix and soak, but I never did
oats- not sure if these are truly raw, I used Red Bob's this time. I have pressed the grain through the mill with Danette, but didn 't have immediate access to the grain mill this time.
coconut flakes- I have the organic flakes from GSG annual group buy
apricots- did  not have
golden raisins - have dark raisins
agave-  I have raw vanilla agave
safflower oil- I don't know where to get this oil. I used coconut oil. I placed my jar in warm water and liquified.
Cinnamon -have

I took a look at the Granola Recipe I have from GSG to get more ideas

oat grouts
wheat germ-- didn't use
shredded coconut
ground flax seed
sesame seed
1 1/2 cup combination nuts- walnuts, pecans, cashews, and/or almonds

For liquid GSG used warmed honey, molasses, water, coconut oil, and optional vanilla or maple flavoring

So I finally used

8 cups oat groats
1 1/2, plus cup combination nuts- walnuts, and almonds
1cup flax
1 cup sesame
1 cup shredded coconut
1 1/2 cups sunflower seeds

In my BlendTec, I pureed 1 cup coconut oil and vanilla agave
I mixed it with dry ingredients until coated and put it all in my dehydrator for days and days :) at a low setting. I added raisins to the final mixture before storing in my refrigerator in ziplock bags. I like adding fresh blue berries or bananas when I am serving.

I could have used sprouted buckwheat and I am sure there are other nuts and dried fruit you can incorporate. Gogi berries would be an excellent choice. I may be hardcore to  many of my readers in transition, but some of the real long term hard core raw foodist may have issues with this not being technically all raw  getting caught up in the oats, raisins, sesame seeds, but pleeeeze, chill.

I do think this type of recipe is one you grow into as you become accustomed to storing nuts. It would be very labor intensive just to decide to do it as your first raw project. But I finally reached a place where this is what I do.

I usually do start my day with a green smoothie, so keep in mind if this is your breakfast, don't forget to get your greens in. A handful of nuts, even if they are activated, does not replace your greens!

Monday, December 27, 2010

Back on track after holidays...

The indulgent holidays are almost done. Whew. There is a lot to be said for other holidays that are about sacrifice and giving up luxuries... like food... materialism.... I stuck to my guns through the first part of the month, but I knew the good cooks were coming to my house and it would be near impossible to resist temptation. I had a plan.

All in all, I had my two handfuls of greens every day (even on the days I planned to indulge),  usually one in smoothie form, one in salad form. Sometimes my smoothies include spinach greens, but I am going through a phase enjoying the various super green powdered mixes available for smoothies. Most days I had some chocolate bliss. I never had soda, ham/pork(gag), red meat, store bought cookies/chocolate or alcohol. I did pretty good. Most indulgent foods I ate were still from ingredients I picked out. I started every day this month with 4 cups of citrus-y green smoothie. It certainly controls my appetite. I had big salads with each meal. With company gone, which I really did enjoy, and having my kitchen stocked up with so much superfood  and citrus (it is citrus season), I set myself up to get right back on track. I had placed a big healthforce order and I am eager to try recipes and smoothies including their products. I had made plenty of seasons nuts and I successfully made my own rawnola. My mom actually liked it and took some home!  By the way, this was a good chance to share green smoothies, banana/hemp/maca smoothies, nuts, rawnola, with lots of people.

One day, I didn't feel too great after eating.  It quickly reminds me to go back to my healthful ways. I am quick to put on weight. I think I held my own this time. I may have gained some weight, but John says I am building muscle and will gain weight, I posted on my facebook that I finally benched 135 pounds on the day that I did. One would conclude you do build muscle to move that much weight.???.  Since I am wearing "winter" clothes, it's hard to say... maybe I need to slip on my shorts (that I wore last month) and get honest with myself. This week, I can plan some extra days in my schedule to do cardio. I like being around people this upcoming season who are especially centered on fitness and nutrition because it (being self-centered), really helps me out a lot.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Travel Prepared

It's been a while since John and I gone out of town and not just to visit relatives. This time it was a required conference and some things have changed as far as our food requirements. John had always researched the restaurants in an area to find out who was known regionally for their food. We made sure we went there and you made made sure you went to as many as possible. Good food= Good time. Infact he didn't really care if he did anything else but eat. That won't work for us anymore unless we want to weigh 500 pounds combined.

First, I had packed a good bit of fruit, salad, sprouted nuts and seeds. I mixed chocolate bliss ahead of time. It stays well. I brought along 1/2 gallon of local orange juice to mix with my super greens and/or protein powder in my shaker container (David calls it my no-electric blender).

I downloaded files from to listen to superfood lectures on the way.

We planned ahead to get a mini-suite with fridge to store our food.

We stopped at Harris Teeter and picked up Earthbound Organic herb salad mix. It was a delicious mix. We wanted to bring some home.

We looked for the Farmer's Market on Saturday and left our meeting to catch the end of the market. I looked for things that would be new to me. I found sprouted sunflower seeds. The kind done on soil. The sprouts made a wonderful addition to our herb salad. I had brought my own salad dressing. I have never had these kind of sunflower sprouts and they are sooooo good, I must learn how to do it myself. Any ideas? Also John liked it. I thought they looked like purslane and perhaps now I can sneak some on to our salads at home.  I got some rawnola for my mylk when I get home from Organic Planet in St. Augustine who e set up at the market.

The downtown area of Fernandina Beach has flowering kale all over as ornamental. I  got to get a few mature purple plants at the market which will probably be eaten soon after I get home.

All this and all I had to do was to agree to go out once to eat a good restaurant. AND I plan to thoroughly enjoy it. But get this. John asked for a big salad in our room before we went to the restaurant.  He KNEW there was no way he would get a salad as big as the ones we make!

Fortunately our conference provided lots of fresh fruit and the hotel had some continental (yuck) breakfast choices for John.

We made it a point to walk each day and go to the gym once.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

That Pie Recipe

The crust is easy 1 part Nuts:1 part Dates. Easy! Press it in a pie dish. Freezing helps set it!  This time I use activated almonds and, dates.

The pie has a million variations. I made chocolate bliss. Per gallon of bliss I used 1 1/2 cups Chocolate bliss and I cup of Sunfire foods Vanilla Agave. I probably added tocos. Doesn't matter. I did not add any super green powder to this mixture like I usually add to my bliss drink.

I separated out 2 cups of chocolate bliss from the gallon and added 2/3 cup chia. This particular batch of pie filling I added organic coconut flakes to the mix, but I think I prefer it without the coconut. The chia absorbs the liquid and turns it into pudding consistency. I never have a reason to buy instant pudding ever again.  This is the best. Also on another page someone asked me where to get chia flour and a lucky taster commented on the seedy consistency of the pudding. I suppose if I ground the chia seed in my BlendTec, and added it as flour I would have a smooth pudding/filling. Probably worth this step if I am serving it to newbies, but for my boys and me I wouldn't bother. The rest of the bliss we enjoyed as a filling healthy beverage. The pie and pudding is as healthy as can be with hemp, raw cacao, carob, and a bunch of other superfoods in the bliss mix.

After the liquid has firmed to pudding. Poor it into your crust. I topped my pie with with coconut flakes and raspberries, but you can top it with anything.

In a "nut"shell:

Crust- 1 part nuts/ 1 part dates
Filling- chocolate bliss pudding
Toppings- anything you want

The beautiful pie never got served on the holiday dessert table. As you probably know by now after Thanksgiving dinner we packed and went to the hospital. The pie went with me to Orlando and became a mess. But it made a quick healthy treat during breaks from hospital visits while I was out of town.

Don't tell them it's Raw.

Some things I have enjoyed over the past few days with Irma and our Tia(from Peru).

Aloe water. I have cut small spears off my tiny aloe plant and thrown it in my smoothie. This week I've tried something new. Irma, John's mother, took much bigger spears of aloe, cut the skin off, like a fillet, blend it in filtered water, and local honey. After watching a few youtube videos on preparing aloe, this morning I decided to do more. I took freshly squeezed local orange (from one of my employees) and grapefruit (from Irma's house), one banana, 1 T of vitamineral greens, 1 T of Sunwarrior Protein Powder. Very refreshing.

Around here Aloe grows easily year round. It's easy for me to grow or obtain from the boy's grannies:) if I kill mine.

Irma makes awesome chimichurri sauce: parsley, walnuts, garlic, olive oil, and salt & pepper. I wanted to pour it on everything. It's a lot like pesto, but without the cheese.

Irma and Tia also keep us stocked in marinated onions: Mixture of onions, Red wine vinegar, olive oil (or any good oil), pepper, lemon.

Purple Ribbon Salad : Shredded purple cabbage, vinegar, apples, walnuts, seasoning(?).

John tops his meat with the sauces. I added it to my salads and veggies.

Yum. Don't tell them its Raw!
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