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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Sweet Tooth

Yes, I have a sweet tooth and I like to eat. I usually satisfy my sweet tooth without sugar or artificial sweeteners. It can be done! If there is any salt in these its pristine sea salt and very minmum. This time of year, it is really hard to avoid sweets. Over the past three years I've accumulated recipes off the net that I've really enjoyed that have no sugar or artificial sweeteners in them, I thought I'd compile my favorites. I've made most of these numerous times. Variations and substitutions are endless. So if you don't have a particular ingredient, but have a reasonable substitute go for it or omit it. Like carob and cacao are interchangable, local honey or raw agave, more of one fruit or protein powder or less, ratio of the various nuts in a recipe can be modified. Seasonings can be easily adjusted to taste.

I make sure my 'fridge is stocked with one or two of these so when someone in my house is pulling out processed desserts I have something even better to satisfy me or have a tasty treat to offer.

Raw Apple Crisp --great substitute for apple pie
No Bake Oatmeal Cookies
Chocolate Bliss * Also scroll down to see recipe for chia pudding (much better than instant pudding, taste and nutritionally) and see the recipe for walnuts with fiesta mole.
Hemp Banana Chocolate Smoothie    -- John's favorite from this list. Sliced frozen bananas blended make a great base for dairy-free icecream.
Cherry Bomb or Here -- a cherry smoothie is a real treat
Mint Squares --it's cool to use my own mint that I grow at home for this
Kale Chips -- savory, not sweet, my kids love these and sneak them before they are done

Popcorn with fiesta mole seasoning and nutritional yeast sprinkled on top. (Popcorn, I make it on the stove top with a little oil, is not raw, it's a big, huge improvement over microwave popcorn or movie theatre popcorn. Nutitional Yeast isn't raw either, but vegan and used frequently by raw vegans.)

Sometimes I might hear concerns about the fat content of nuts, coconut or oils. While it is possible to go overboard with everything the nutritional quality of plant based raw ingrediants much superior to processed foods and animal fats.

*My office will be placing an order on Chocolate Bliss ingredients and Sunfirefood products the first week of December. If anyone local, who can pick up at the office, would like to get in on the order (or learn more) without paying for shipping, let me know.

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