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Saturday, November 6, 2010

So How Did I Gain Weight?

So how did I gain weight?
I'd say it got out of control sometime between Scott and David (2nd and 3rd pregnancy). My weight varied up and down during all my school years. Never obese, but mostly chunky. John recalls that I looked good when we met. I do recall being ok then. The comfort of a relationship and eating out with less days at the gym, put me back up. Finishing residency, no after hour call responsibilities, I got down to my best all-time adult weight, 155 pounds, a size 9/10. If I find a photo of that time, I will post it. I was happy. I looked good and I got myself pregnant with William. I lost all but 5 pounds after his birth. Started the next pregnancy at 160 pounds. After birth, with an active metabolism producing milk for a toddler and newborn nursing I lost weight. BUT, then I managed to gain weight over the next five years of tandem nursing and being a sedentary busy working as a mother of two young ones. I don't recall the details of what I ate. Probably anything in sight except meat, mushrooms, and peppers. Probably anything people prepared for me that made it easy for me.

I was disgusted with my weight when I got pregnant with David, approx 200. Fortunately during that pregnancy, I didn't gain, much.With so much reserve and "eating healthy," I do feel like my fat turned to baby. I felt my arms and thighs got thinner. I was looking forward to my high postpartum and tandem nursing metabolism to help me burn off more fat. Then I twisted my ankle. I couldn't walk and I didn't bear weight on it for a few weeks. This sedentary time took away an opportunity to get rid of postpartum weight. It also demolished my efforts to prepare healthy food. Weight issues became more difficult.

Opening up my practice wasn't helpful. I didn't focus on food, as my mind was on establishing a successful practice. More or less, I let John bring home food: a lot of take out and deli food AND ICE CREAM.  Besides some recreational walking, I didn't find the time to exercise. (The childcare usually called me out of spinning class, to take care of a crying William or Scott.)

I really wasn't enjoying food, not even the ice cream. I actually craved food that tasted good and wanted home made food. I wanted to look healthy for my own professional credibility. I didn't know where to start. Even my out of shape muscles seemed to crave resistance, especially my flabby arms. Although, I knew I had to change my lifestyle, it was when I found out about my sugar sensitivity that scared and pushed me to effective change.

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