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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Raw Day

I am glad grapefruits are in season. How do you know when they are ready to be picked? Yes, I have a tree.

In the meantime, I got some local grapefruit and oranges which I love juicing together with a citrus juicer. They blend together well. This morning I added my green powder (I used Field of Greens this am, but I also have Vitamineral Greens and a few others.) to it and blended. I expected it to be gross, but wanted the benefits.  It really wasn't too bad. I actually found myself wanting more and made another batch for me and John this evening.

I also made my first mock tuna fish out of almonds. The recipe called for typical things that one would add to chicken or tuna salad: celery, onions, garlic, cayenne (or paprika), sea salt, (and nori) and mock mayo. I will be doing this again! I soaked 3 cups of almonds and it became four cups as the recipe called for.

John thought I shouldn't call it tuna because it changes the expectations. He liked it, but just calling it organic salad or something like that would be better. I agree. It did look like a super healthy salad on a spinach bed. I think it would do well as a stuffing for a chard or Romaine wrap.

I strayed away from making mock tuna  a while back because at one point it looked hard. I am so used to soaking and chopping, now I just found it to be a part of my routine. The ingrediants are staples at my house now (or readily available). I have a good amount of left over tuna and plan to make more mayo for tomorrow.

So I have had a very healthy eating day (and gym day). I picked up other ripe fruit from Nelson's this am. As soon as I got home divided the papaya, grapes, persimmons amongst me and the boys. I snacked on fruit through the day. I've also had a cup or two of chocolate bliss.

Tomorrow, we get more produce from co-op (and the boys want more from Nelson's!). I got some recipes ready for my arugula, cilantro, avocado. I am looking forward to getting stocked up. I've always had a hard time planning and prepping ahead, but I've got it ounder control this time. Yay.

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