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Friday, November 19, 2010

Playing with my Nuts

My bulk order of nuts from the group buy on Green Smoothie Girl came this week. I am more than loaded up with almonds, walnuts, and cashews. All raw. I also got organic coconut flakes  I gave up on climbing the local coconut trees.) and oat covered figs (A great alternative to candy.).

First experiment was making the almond milk. Yum. Yum.  I added *Vanilla Agave to my activated nut liquid after blending and straining. Out of this world. I had some store bought Silk Almond milk. Home made is sooooooooooo much better.  I probably prefer it to the coconut milk we made the day before,. I am looking forward to using my fresh batch of coconut flakes and having choices in milks between coconut, vanilla, and chocolate bliss (with hemp base). I could probably get fat off of all this delicious beverages.

I used the almond pulp to make pulp cookies as featured in GSG 12 steps program. They take a long time to dehydrate and are still in the dehydrator.

I made a batch of Fiesta Mole cover Walnuts, and Teriakyi Almonds. These also are still in my dehydrator, BUT someone has been coming by  and nibbling. I don't know if these will ever fully dry because they may be eaten sooner by the nibblers. There are a few of them at my house.

I am planning on making chocolate covered almonds next week and also using my cashews in a similar type recipe. I like having the cashews on hand for sauces like for kale chips. I tended to avoid walnut recipes because raw walnuts are so hard to find. I am set now.

To be honest, my personal favorite "flavor" for coated nuts may turn out to be soaked and dehydrated without any added flavor (it's simpler too). I've tried this with sunflower seeds, too. I like keeping them plain. We'll see how I feel about it after I try the chocolate next week.

These flavors would be great treats to share with guests IF they make it out of the dehydrator alive.

Scott and I tried making "cheeze" out of the almonds. I think I am on the right track and I will try again.

I did all this, this week.

There was once upon a time, I thought there was no way to avoid frequent visits to the grocery store. Amazing amount of my food now comes from co-ops, group buys, a little from the garden, and the raw community.


  1. awesome. I so want to come over and snack with you!

  2. You'll have to tell me how you like the cookies. I don't think they are my favorite. Oh well. :(

  3. Those cookies are a clever idea, but I am not sure I am liking them much either. They are not fully crisp yet. If I tried them again, I might mix them with nibs, cacao, oats, or perhaps a different nut butter.

    I don't like everything I make, but sometimes I do learn how to figure it out better for next time.


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